Good To Go!

Any one who knows me, knows that I cannot leave the house without my nails painted. It’s my thing – they always have to be painted.  I’m borderline OCD about this but I honestly feel naked if they don’t look pretty and painted.  I very seldomly have my nails done at a salon unless I’m wanting Gelish because I actually prefer to paint them myself – I’d much rather go for a pedicure if I’m wanting a bit of a pamper.  I often get asked about my nails and what polishes I use and I definitely have my favourites but I have come to realise that the absolute essential is a good top coat.  You can use a relatively inexpensive polish but if you using a good top coat, you have a much better chance of it lasting longer and looking fab for a few days.   And the selling point for me? Fast-drying! I don’t have the time to sit around for hours waiting for my nails to dry so my cannot-live-without essential top coat? Essie Good-To-Go quick drying Top Coat.  It is honestly amazing. Not only does it dry super fast which means I can paint my nails and start cooking supper a few minutes later, but it sets like a gel so your nails stay shiney and looking great.   I love Essie polishes (I’d say that and Morgan Taylor are my staples but I do mix it up a but if I see a really fabulous colour) but they are on the pricer side at around R120 a bottle. I’ve found that Dischem is usually the cheapest for Essie polishes and they have a great range.  They also have stock of Good-To-Go more often than Clicks or Wellness as it can be difficult to get your hands on.

My current favourite winter colour – Essie Merino Cool

Essie Good-To-Go retails at Dischem for R125.00.


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