Spring Has Sprung


There’s something about the first day of spring. To me, it’s as if someone has opened the curtains and let the light shine in – everything feels fresh and you can smell the newness in the air and even if today wasn’t a particularly warm, spring-like day in Cape Town, it still felt different.  I love driving to work in the mornings with the sun a little higher in the sky and looking at the bare trees with their tiny green shoots starting to poke through the bare, brown branches.  I get excited at the thought of pretty summer dresses and open-toed shoes showing off bright coloured pedicures and sunkissed skin.  

Spring is like the start of a new chapter and I’m dusting off the cobwebs of winter – and this year I’m taking it quite literally and doing a full on spring-clean.  As much as I am a very neat person and somewhat of a perfectionist, I can confess to being a bit of a horder.  I hate throwing things out “just in case” and I also have a tendency to hold onto things for sentimental reasons which is all well and good except when every cupboard in our house is full and there are only two of us.  Since I want to spruce up our guest bedroom and add a dressing table (something I definitely need in my life), it’s time to do some serious cleaning and spring is just the push I need!  I’ll be sure to post some before and after home improvements soon 🙂 

Whatever the change of season means to you, I hope the warmer days and brighter mornings put a spring in your step as you peel away the winter layers.  Happy Spring Day!

xxx Cat

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