When I spotted Human+Kind (pronounced Human and Kind) at Wellness Warehouse in Cavendish, I was super excited to try them out! Besides from their eye-catching and vibrant packaging, they are a completely natural skincare range – free of chemicals, colourants and additives and the real kicker for me, neither the products or ingredients are tested on animals.  Founded in Ireland, Human+Kind have a select collection of natural products, which are versatile and all about multi-tasking and keeping things simple! I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t have the time for an elaborate beauty routine during the week so I’m all for simplicity.  Another plus with Human+Kind is the value for money – all of their products are kind on your purse.  While I’m always a bit reluctant to try out new products on my face because it has a tenancy to be rather temperamental but this was too good to not give a go and I’m SO glad I did.  I picked up the 3-in-1 Anti-Aging Cream and Hand, Elbow and Foot Cream.

“We are all Human and we are all kind! That’s why we’ve created natural skincare with a conscience.  We believe being kind to others starts with being kind to yourself – let us do the multi-tasking for you”  – Human+Kind

Anti-Aging Cream: This cream was designed especially for women who don’t have time for lengthy beauty routines.  It’s an anti-wrinkle cream, eye cream, protective moisturiser and night cream – all in one!  Packed full of only natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and something called Achmella Oleracea which is like nature’s very own Botox, you get all the benefits without any of the chemicals.  It reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and helps to hydrate the skin.  I have only been using it as a night cream as I have a fairly new tube of my regular face cream but I can definitely see the difference in my skin – it feels really hydrated and it looks a lot more even. I battle with very dark rings under my eyes (I look quite frighteing without concealer!) and they are definitely looking ligher and not quite so aggressive.  I love how the cream is absorbed, my skin just sucks it up and it just feels like it’s working wonders!  At R299.95 for a 50ml tube, I thought it was quite reasonably priced and well worth it.  It will definitely be a recurring purchase.  

Hand, Elbow and Foot Cream:  This is such a pretty tube of hand cream and it’s the perfect size for your handbag!  Also an all-in-one, it’s an intensely moisturing cream which provides lasting hydration for dry hands.  I always need hand cream on my desk, in my handbag and next to my bed as I hate the feeling of dry hands but what I really like about this is that it is quickly absorbed into your skin so it doesn’t leave you with oily hands.  While I’m not all that fussy with hand creams (although I do have my favourites), this left my skin feeling nourished and super soft.  I picked up this 50ml tube for R89.99 which is on the more expensive side for hand cream but it is an all-in-one and smells amazing!

I’m very keen to try a few of their other products and I think my next purchase will be their BB Cream so watch this space 🙂


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