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I love airports.  There’s something about the hustle and bustle of people dashing all around you, heading off to all corners of the world.  Some for business, some for pleasure, some running away and some heading off on unknown adventures.  Airports also have so many mixed emotions, excitement, heartbreak, and happiness at a loved one returning, sadness at having to say goodbye so while I do love them when I’m heading somewhere exciting, I absolutely hate saying goodbye at an airport – emotions are just amplified. Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked here.  I don’t always travel for fun and after my last red-eye flight to Joberg, I got to thinking about my absolute must-have’s when I fly (short-haul that is, long-haul is for another post!) 

1. Magazine: This is my opportunity for tabloid magazines! To pass the time, I love to page mindlessly through the latest Hollywood gossip – if I’m completely honest here, I am already up to date since I consult the Daily Mail every morning but, I do love magazines and on a short flight, I like something that I don’t have to concentrate too hard on, especially when it’s a 6am take-off! A bonus is if the mag has a crossword at the back!

2. Hand Sanitizer: I can be a bit of a germaphob – which considering Wellington and I get all up in each other’s faces on a daily basis, this may seem a bit contradictory but I think I’m immune to his slobbery kisses. However, when it comes to people germs, I can be somewhat freaked out and airports and planes carry all sorts of potential gremlins that my mind can run rampant with if I’m not careful. Anyways, be it bathrooms without soap, sticky handles on the bus to the plane or grimy seat belt buckles, there are numerous occasions when you’ll be grateful you had some hand sanitizer handy – trust me one this one.  My go-to: Woolworths Easy To Come Clean Waterless Lemon Hand Cleanser (R16.99) It doesn’t have the seriously pungent disinfectant odour that a lot of waterless cleansers have but rather a subtle clean, lemony scent.

3. Hand Cream: By now it’s no secret that I cannot go anywhere without hand cream so this isn’t exclusive to travelling but is possibly even more important since planes have a tendency to dry out your skin really badly – and it’s great to pop on after the hand cleaner.  Check out my previous post on Human + Kind’s fab hand cream which I’m totally hooked on at the moment.

4. Lipice: This goes hand-in-hand with the hand cream since I find my lips get so dry when I fly and there’s nothing worse than trying to pop on a dash of lipstick with dry lips.  I love The Body Shop’s Shea Lip Butter (R55 for 10ml tub) It is a delicious buttery cream that melts onto your lips and provides instant hydration, leaving your lips soft and smooth.

5. TicTacs: Whether you’ve dosed off and caught up on some sleep, eaten one of the airplane meals or hit your third cuppachino, always have a mint on hand.  Nothing worse than being the passenger with the stale coffee breathe!

6. Ipod: One, music is great to block out the noise when you trying to sleep or just zone out and two, I usually don’t particularly enjoy chatting to my fellow passengers (if I don’t know you that is!) and some people are really bad at picking up when you really not that keen on idle chitchat – queue your Ipod and bingo! Problem solved – this has only failed me once (talk about nightmarish neighbour!) I picked up my Ipod Nano from the Apple Store about two years ago for R1 999 but they retail for between R2 399 and R2 499 – pricy but such a great investment.

7. Tissues: You just never know when you might need a tissue!

8. Chocolate: So I probably wouldn’t pack quite such a large slab in my hand luggage (it’s far too dangerous!) but I’m a Cadburys girl through and through and I always have some chocolate on me when I travel, just in case. Flights are delayed and the desert on offer isn’t always that appealing – you never want to be caught short!

So there you have it, my absolute essentials for travelling – I’d love to know what some of yours are! 

With Monday almost over, we one step closer to Friday  🙂


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