What’s in my Beach Bag?


Sand between your toes, salt on your skin, soft beachy curls in your hair and the sound of waves crashing in the background… I LOVE summer!!! And the beach – nothing better than trotting off to the beach on a sunny day and catching some rays. This weekend we are off up the West Coast for a relaxing weekend by the sea and I am quietly optimistic that the fabulous sunshine we’ve had this week will be sticking around. So, what are my beach essentials?

1. A bikini of course! Even though I’m looking little pastier than I’d like to be when hitting the beach for the first time (the home renovations have thrown quite a spanner in my tanning plans…) I will definitely be sporting my bikini. Just before I went on honeymoon, I splurged (and I do mean splurge because I’ve never indulged quite so much in swimwear as I did) and scooped up two BEEUUTIFUL bikinis from Seafolly. I grabbed two since they were on sale and who can resist taking advantage of a sale right??? Aside from the hefty price tag, I can honestly say these babies were worth every penny! They fit amazingly well, they don’t slip down or creep and the colours are fantastic! Head on over to Layered in Cavendish Square to check out Seafolly’s latest drool-worthy collection.

2. Suncream! This is something I will not go anywhere without. As I’ve gotten older I really have become more and more aware of the sun and looking after my skin. We only have one and it needs to last – and I certainly do not want to look like a dried up leather shoe by the time I’m 50… In summer, I have SPF 50 on my face every day and if I’m in laying in the sun, no less than SFP 30 on my body as well as a hat and sunglasses. I’m lucky that I don’t burn easily but that doesn’t mean the sun isn’t damaging my skin so remember to keep applying regularly!!! I’m a fan of Nivea Sun Protect and Refresh SPF30 for my body (about R120 a bottle depending where you buy) and have recently been enjoying Everysun SPF40 for my face (about R90) – and who don’t love some anti-aging ingredients thrown in?!

3. Hat – a stylish one! I used to hate wearing a hat and used to make any excuse not to wear one but again, I’ve totally realised the importance of this. And if you get a cute one then your hat becomes a fabulous accessory to your hot bikini 😉 I try to make a point of always having my hat in the car just in case because in summer, who knows what might pop up?! I walked Franschoek flat as I was determined to find a hat for our honeymoon (shame, the patience my poor husband demonstrated on that day…) and picked up this one for a steal – R150! I can’t remember which shop I eventually got it from but they had loads of hats and was super chuffed when I found this grey one because I really didn’t want white or cream (for practicality).

4. Sexy Shades: I wear my sunglasses every single day throughout the year. I am so used to wearing them that I really battle to drive without them on. Safe to say that my Ray Ban Aviators I bought about three years ago have been one of my best investments. Yes, they too come with a price tag but having good quality sunglasses is another thing that’s become a non-negotiable for me. Research has shown that extended sun exposure can cause eye damage and may be responsible for cataracts and macular degeneration so you can never be too prepared! It’s not just your skin you need to think of 🙂

5. Flip Flops: I love Havaianas and must be on about my third pair. Not only are they super comfy but they last so well, the straps don’t stretch AND the range of colours and patterns to choose from are just too gorgeous! They are easy to clean and dry super fast so they are perfect for beach days. You can find them all over the place now and they range from R250 – R399.

6. Kindle: I’m such a book worm and can get lost in a book for hours on end! It took me so long to get my head around a Kindle as I love the feel of a book and turning the pages but I eventually pulled the plug and I’m so glad I did! The books are a lot cheaper and it’s so easy to pop in your bag – and when travelling, you don’t have to worry about running out of books to read! Another plus with a Kindle is that you can read in the sun as there is no glare from the screen (and your pages don’t blown around in the wind) I bought my Kindle Touch WiFi off Take-A-Lot and used my e-Bucks (what a win!) but they retail for R1697.

7. Instax Camera: This was a gift from my mom that I got before going on honeymoon and since I left it behind (fail!), it hasn’t had much use but it’s such fun and I just love the idea of Polaroid pictures (“shake it like a Polaroid picture” totally pops into my head everytime I think of a Polaroid and I end up with the song going around in my head) The camera itself is so cute and compact too. This wouldn’t usually end up in my beach bag but since this is also a weekend away, I’m taking it along to snap some cute pics of Wellington (what’s in his weekend bag is definitely for another post!) that I can put on the fridge when I get home 🙂

A few other things I always pop in my bag – towel (obviously!), bottle of water, a snack, hand sanitizer and a dry bikini. What are your essentials when beaching?

Have a wonderful, sunny weekend friends!




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