Permission to Nap with Sorbet’s Sleep Rescue Range


I love my sleep. I love nothing more than climbing into bed after a long day (especially if there’s fresh linen on the bed) and snuggling under the covers with my book before heading off to sleep. Sorbet’s Sleep Rescue range is all about sleep with relaxing, soothing scents of lavender, valerian (a flowering plant used to aid insomnia and anxiety) and Chamomile. Packed full of aromatherapy oils to encourage relaxation and ease away the stresses of the day, this range promotes peaceful and restful sleep. There are so many benefits to a good nights’ sleep and the importance of sleep has been getting a lot more attention than it used to – and it doesn’t just help you get through your morning meetings! A good nights’ sleep boosts your mood and health, improves your memory (as well as helps you retain new information), helps maintain your weight (when you are tired, you are more likely to skip a workout and reach for unhealthy choices) and it also helps you look great as deep sleep repairs tired skin – winner! I have certainly come to realise the benefits of sleep and have also realised that I’m really not a nice person when I haven’t slept so I have been trying to get into a better routine to ensure I get enough shut-eye and I am totally obsessed with this Sorbet range to help me do just that!

Before I get to my favourites from the range I thought I’d share a few of the changes I’ve been trying to make to my night time routine and they really have helped the quality of my sleep. Firstly, trying to put my phone/iPad away at least an hour before bed as blue light (from the screen) can stimulate your brain, making it more difficult to fall asleep, not to mention the amount of sleep time wasted playing on social media! Secondly, drinking a cup of chamomile tea when I get into bed is a fantastic way of unwinding and I find it particularly relaxing and soothing. And finally, not watching TV in bed before going to sleep (this a new change that has made the biggest difference) and since I love reading a few pages of my book before turning off the light, it is a much better way to encourage my eyes to close and get a peaceful sleep. Now I just need to work on my mornings…  Ok, so moving along swiftly to what this post is really about!


Drift Away Body Wash: From stressed to rest! This range has the most amazing fragrance and just the smell along relaxes me. This body wash is a lovely creamy gel that creates a lush foamy lather and quite literally washes away the stress of the day. It’s the first step in ensuring a relaxing evening ahead and it leaves your skin silky smooth – I am hooked and onto my second tube now. R40 for 200ml.


Deep Sleep Body Butter: I’ve mentioned before how much I love body butter but I can honestly this is hands-down my favourite. The texture reminds me of freshly whipped egg-whites in that it seems slightly aerated. It’s easily absorbed and doesn’t leave much of a residue like many body butters tend to and I can feel the lovely aromatherapy oils soothing my tired muscles. The fragrance just fills you with peaceful, sleepy thoughts! R50 for 250ml.


Sleep Will Come Foaming Bath Milk: With our bathroom finally being complete, I had a fabulous new bath to test out and a new bottle of this bath milk to try out! The soothing scents floated around the bathroom creating the most indulgent atmosphere. If you haven’t worked it out by now, I am completely obsessed with the smell of this range – it’s not an overpowering aromatherapy fragrance but a soft subtle scent that I cannot get enough of. My only negative about the bath milk is that it doesn’t make bubbles (I guess that’s why it says ‘foaming’) but it is packed with essential oils which leave your skin feeling so silky when you finally drag yourself out of the bath! How cool is the bottle with the two colours? R40 for 400ml bottle.


Easy Does It Hand and Nail Cream: I keep this hand cream on my bedside table and apply it without fail before climbing into bed (the final step in my night time routine). I tend to have quite dry hands and I can really see the difference in my skin after using this every night – it seems lock in the moisture and leaves your hands soft and supple well into the next day. I also love that it tends to your nails at the same time as I’m not as good at remembering to put cuticle oil on regularly. If there is one product to buy from the range, this is it! R33 for 75ml.

Next on my list from this range that I cannot wait to get my hands on is the Forty Winks Pillow Mist – and I’ll be sure to fill you in once I’ve tried it out 🙂 Sorbet products are available from Sorbet salons and Clicks stores.

Hope you all had a fantastic week and survived Monday!



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