Hey Gorgeous!


And Hey Gorgeous indeed! That’s exactly how you’ll feel after you use these beauties! I stumbled across this South African brand on my twitter feed and the name caught my eye. After scrolling through their website (check it out here) which is an absolute feast for the eye with the most delightful combinations of body butters, scrubs, face masks, hair care – you name it, they’ve got it! Their products are all organic and vegan, packed full of natural goodness and are BEAUTY WITHOUT CRUELTY accredited.  All of their containers are made from recycled plastic and packaging and they are so pretty you’ll find a number of ways to use them again! Important to note that as all the products contain natural ingredients, it’s best to use them within 8-12 weeks and even store them in the fridge. It was SO difficult to select products with body scrub choices like Rum and Raisin, Cappuccino or Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and a whole range of body mousse, butters and soufflés with ingredients like Choc Mint, Crème Brulee and Cookies and Cream to choose from! I finally settled on a sugar scrub, body mousse and bath salts and was thrilled with my purchases when they arrived.


Spicy Chai and Vanilla Body Scrub: Made with soft brown sugar, coconut oil, chai tea, vanilla and chamomile oils to name a few, this scrub is bursting ingredients to moisurise your skin while gently scrubbing away dead skin. The delicious fragrance of spicy chai makes me think of sipping a delightful latte witH my feet up – a sheer feast for the senses that instantly lifts your mood.  Regular exfoliation is amazing for retaining a youthful glow to your skin and the natural ingredients in this scrub will fast track your skin there! This is a fairly course scrub but easy to apply with your hands – gently rub over your skin and once rinsed, it leaves your skin with a lovely silky smoothness that lasts overnight (this is where the essential oils get to work) R120 for 250g.


Marshmallow Whipped Mousse: The name alone has me drooling! Marshmallow Mousse??? It sounds too delectable – and let me tell you that choosing a mousse to try was no easy feat with the AH-MAZING selection of scrumpcious treats for your skin. This completely natural moisturiser is 100% organic and free of any preservatives. It has a lovely silky texture that reminds me of melted marshmallows. It glides over your skin and is easily absorbed and non-greasy but definitely doesn’t hold back on the moisturising factor. Containing shea butter, vitamin E, fatty acids, cocoa butter and Almond oil, this ensures that even the driest skin is properly taken care of (I feel like the benefits of these ingredients need their own post…). And the fragrance does not disappoint – a soft mix of marshmallow, vanilla and shea butter whipped together for all sorts of deliciousness! R130 for 250g pot.


Rose Petal Deliciously Luxurious Bath Milk: They were certainly not holding back when they added the term ‘luxurious’ to this delight’s name! A scoop of this powder in your bath creates the most satiny smooth bath water that quite literally eases the stresses of the day away as you slip into it.  This bath milks is filled with nourishing salts, rose oils, rose petals and jojoba to aid skin in the recovery of marks and scars leaving you with smooth, soft skin. I absolutely adore roses and having my bathroom filled with the scent of fresh roses instantly relaxes me – and the fragrance lingers for hours!  R150 for 250g.

I love and use so many different brands but some stand out above the rest and they are the ones that I keep going back to – Hey Gorgeous is definitely one of them! And having these delights delivered straight to my door is just too fabulous – who doesn’t love courier parcels?!  Time to put in my next order…

Happy weekend friends 🙂



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