Summer Essentials

IMG_20160203_190821So, this post has been updated a number of times since work and life has clearly gotten in the way of blogging! I feel like someone has hit fast-forward and we are racing through this year at the speed of light… How are we already halfway through March??? This post is now a round up of my favourite products from Summer – since we still have a few warm days before the winter chill sets in, hopefully you can get your hands on one or two to enjoy! I absolutely LOVE summer – I am by no means a winter person. I do enjoy a rainy day every now and then just to cuddle up under a fluffy blanket with a hot cup of coffee and a good book but there is nothing quite like summer. Skin is darker, hair is blonder, mornings are lighter – everything is brighter! But the hot, dry weather does take it’s toll so here are my absolute must-haves for the summer season that I have been loving to keep my skin and hair in tip-top shape.

1. Tresemme Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo: I absolutely swear by dry shampoo. It is a serious lifesaver for me as I have really fine, fluffy hair that tends to lean to the oily side and the combination of hot weather and exercise means that I almost always have to wash my hair every day. Enter dry shampoo… and I can stretch it to every second day. What I love about Tresemme’s newer dry shampoo is that it is translucent so it doesn’t leave a not-so-fabulous white residue that resembles dandruff. I lightly spray a small about on my roots in the morning and while it definitely doesn’t clean your hair in way that actually washing it does (and it doesn’t feel clean!) it refreshes it enough that with a little fluffing, I can get through another day at the office. Tresemme Dry Shampoo is available at your Clicks, Dischem, Pick n Pays etc. and retails for around R79.95.


3. Nivea Sun SPF 30: I never go anywhere without suncream anymore. It’s just not worth it and the older I’ve got, the more I’ve made this a priority. I love this Nivea Protect and Refresh spray – it’s lightweight and easily absorbed so it doesn’t leave your skin sticky but provides great protection. A heads up when applying for the first time – it’s cold!! You can check out my Beach Bag post here for more of my favourite suncream. This bottle is R139 from Clicks.


4.Oh So Heavenly Lip Butter: Days by the pool, exercising out doors and salty sea air definitely dries out my lips so a good lip blam is a must. You might mistake this little gem for an EOS lipbalm but it is in fact an Oh So Heavenly steal from Clicks.  And I do meant steal as this is just R22 compared to EOS at R90! There are three flavours to choose from but the Cupcake Kisses Vanilla Cupcake caught my eye and it is delicious!! It is quite literally good enough to eat (although my husband is convinced it smells like surfboard wax…) It is packed with moisturising ingredients that really work  (this doesn’t just coat your lips) leaving your lips super soft. This one is a real must to try.

5. MAC Mineralise Lipstick ‘Dreaminess’: MAC’s mineralise range of lipsticks are ultra moisturising but lightweight and creamy. There is nothing worse than lipstick on dry, cracked lips but with this range you can almost skip the lipbalm since they’ve up the moisturising factor.  The lipstick almost melts onto your lips and leaves a smooth, glossy finish. I went with Dreaminess as I love my pale pinks and this is a lovely soft, marshmellow pink – perfect for summer! The colours are very pigmented so you get great coverage from a single stroke and gives you long-lasting colour. The packaging is different to MAC’s regular lipsticks as the tube is bulkier but has a very convenient magnetic closure (great for finding lost bobby pins in your handbag!) R285 a tube – pricer than a regular lipstick but worth it.



7. Hands and Feet: No Summer round up would be complete without pretty polishes! First up on the toes from Morgan Taylor’s Hello Pretty Collection (you might remember I did a post previously on four of the colours – you can find that here) I was desperate to try Do You Harajuku?, a gorgeous minty green with a sparkle and finally got my hands on it.  It’s a beautiful bright, creamy colour and looks so fab on toes with a tan, although the sparkle is harder to see on toes. It’s been a regular for me this summer. It is quite a thick colour and needed three coats to get full coverage but well worth it!

Essie’s Hubby For Dessert is from their Bridal Collection and a polish I really struggled to find and I can see why! A beautiful, pale lavender-grey that looks polished and sophisticated. I adore this colour and can see why it’s part of their Bridal Collection as it would make a gorgeous wedding day mani! It’s quite thin and sheer so three coats is a must but leaves your nails lovely and shiny.

Hope you are all enjoying the fabulous and much-needed long weekend! Yay for the short week ahead!


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