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I adore Sorbet products and I definitely spend way to much time there! And it certainly doesn’t help having a store right across the road from work when I feel like a quick lunchtime mani… Sorbet have really nailed their range of beauty and bath products (have you checked out my post of their oh-so-fabulous Sleep Rescue range??) and are so luxuriously indulgent that it feels like you are at the salon, except in the comfort of your own home (in pajamas, with hair in a bun and glass of wine in hand) I have so many of their products on rotation and family and friends know me so well so my bathroom cabinet is kept well stocked and I often have a voucher on hand for treatment spoil! My mom is a real spoiler and has kept up my supply of face masks so I thought it was high-time I shared my favourites 🙂 Each face mask packet is one application (except the Soothing Under Eye Masks which have three) and you have a choice between Cleansing, Firming, Hydrating and Soothing. As the masks come in a ‘sheet’, I would suggest you use these when your significant other is not home as they do look quite freaky! I usually pop one on when I’m having a bath or a relaxing evening in with my book… On a side note, I am such a book worm and just finished THE most fantastic book by Mark Gimenez called The Governor’s Wife. This is the third book of his I’ve read and if you enjoy a thriller/suspense novels then this is an absolute must read – a truly phenomenal book and I was sad when it finished. Jane Austin once said, “If a book is well written, I always find it too short” and this was one of those books! I love a book where the characters sit with you for a while afterwards and keep drawing you back to the story and well, my head is still in Texas! 

Anyway, enough side tracking – these masks contain concentrated active ingredients and botanical extracts which are designed to really nourish and treat your skin and maintain it’s radiance. Here are my top three from their range 🙂 


1. Firming Face Mask: This pink packaged mask is all about the anti-aging and I always give my mom a raised eyebrow when she gives me one of these! Jokes aside though, I need all the help I can get when it comes to keeping my skin hydrated and keeping those frown lines at bay. This mask is an intensely hydrating treatment designed for aging and dry skin (and we know dry skin looks older so the more hydration you can lock in, the better) which contains hexapeptide, an anti-wrinkle ingredient designed to help fight wrinkles and epidermal growth factor which increases collegen production and tricks your skin into looking younger. This mask has a lovely, soft fragrance and the serum soaks into your skin leaving it feeling smooth and glowing. Have a look at my previous post on their firming range here) R46 for one application and available from Sorbet stores or Clicks.


2. Soothing Under Eye Mask: These little puppies are without a doubt, my absolute favourite.  Three in a pack so they last much longer but they are so easy to pop on being small and compact. I often pop these on when I get into bed in the evening (you need to leave them on for 30 minutes) and I can literally feel my eyes breathing a sigh of relief. These little masks are designed to reduce puffiness, dark circles (big tick for me) and fine lines as well a revitalize the delicate skin under your eyes. The lemony/citrus scent combined with the cooling gel on the pads does a great job of refreshing your eyes, leaving them bright and renewed. These contain Q10, an great antioxidant which helps cells to protect themselves from damage, Vitamins A, C E and B5, all of which are essential for healthy skin and great for helping tissue to grow and repair. R50 for a packet of three applications.


3. Hydrating Face Mask: Clarifying and moisturing, this mask is great for combination skin. I’ve only used it once as I tend to lean towards the firming range wherever possible, but it left my skin feeling so hydrated and moisturised for a good few days afterwards. Containing ceramide (little molecules designed to capture moisture), hyaluronic acid (an ingredient great for all skin types, fantastic for anti-aging and locking in moisture) and witch hazel which is brilliant for reducing enlarged pores and is a strong antioxidant (I remember using this gem of a natural ingredient as a teenager to help  keep spots under control) 

You should not rinse your face after using any of the above masks and you can apply any excess serum to your neck and hands.  I try to use a face mask like this at least once a month but I could definitely up my game since I don’t go for regular facials. In winter I try to do a series of skin peels (keep a look out for my post on those coming soon) as I found they made a huge difference to my skin and I can definitely feel that I am well over due for one now!

Have you tried any of these Sorbet masks? Which are your favourites?? I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂 And by the way, the cute headband in the photos is also a Sorbet steal and it works brilliantly – the elastic is ruched so it grips onto your head and doesn’t slip off. Perfect for keeping your hair our of the way when applying your face mask!

Happy Monday friends – I’m getting excited for another public holiday very soon!



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