Oh Hello Again, Gorgeous!


Scent to me is possibly one of our most powerful senses and if you’ve read my posts before, you’ll know that I comment on the smell of products a lot.  I love how the smell of something can take you straight back to a moment in time and bring back a memory so vivid, it’s like you reliving it all over again. Sometimes you can’t even pin-point what the smell is exactly but it brings a back a strong sense of nostalgia.  I know for me there are a few smells that evoke memories that I think I will carry with me for ever – the smell of First perfume takes me straight back to being a little girl watching my mom get ready for an evening out or opening her cupboards to see what she had hidden away since is was and still is her favourite fragrance. Freshly baked blueberry muffins? I’m right back in my Granny’s kitchen helping her bake all sorts of deliciousness. On the flip side, maybe because the sense of smell is such a strong one for me, it also means I’m very sensitive to all smells good and bad, and that’s not always ideal… Why I am giving you such a long winded dialogue about my sense of smell? Well, Hey Gorgeous have somehow managed to capture such delicious scents into their magical tubs of scrubs, mousses and masks that they are quite literally good enough to eat and when using them I am reminded of all sorts of goodness when I’m using them.  If you caught my first post on their products (if not, check it out here), you’ll remember I reviewed their Marshmallow Whipped Body Mousse and it was bugging me for ages what the smell reminded me of and I finally got there – pink Fizzer! I’m still not sure how I figured pink Fizzer but it definitely has a very subtle undertone that clearly grabbed my attention!

Moving along to what this post is all about – I was well over due for another order and finally got round to scooping up another round of gorgeous goodies. I think the problem is that it’s SO difficult to actually make a decision about what’s going in my cart that I tend to go back and forth for an age before actually pulling the plug.  I finally made a decision since I was all out of my last order and settled on three delightful treats to try out – Cookies and Cream Whipped Body Mousse, French Roast and Vanilla Bean Salt Body Scrub and Goji Berry Face Mask and I was not disappointed.  

French Roast and Vanilla Bean Salt Body Scrub: The moment I opened the lid on this scrub, the most aromatic fragrances of freshly brewed coffee floated into my bathroom! This is a perfect addition to a morning shower to ignite your senses before getting to your first up of coffee 🙂 That being said, the caffeine in coffee isn’t just great for waking you up in the morning – it is also fantastic when used in a scrub as it redistributes fat cells and reduces cellulite – what?? But wait, there’s more – it’s also great for reducing varicose veins (some people are more susceptible to these than others) as it works as a vascular restrictor and shrinks blood vessels. Containing essentials oils, grape seed, jojoba and sweet oil as well as Epsom salts, this scrub is gentle on your skin and leaves it silky smooth. I came off my mountain bike a few weekends ago and my leg was rather a mess after landing in vynbos (it was emotional but yes, I do see the funny side of it now) and this scrub worked wonders in helping get rid of the last of the scabs and definitely reduced some of the scarring. A tip I would recommend (they do too) – use a cloth to apply as after scrubbing your whole body, your hands feel quite weird! R130 for a 250g tub.
Cookies and Cream Whipped Body Mousse: Let’s be serious, just about anything that says cookies and cream is pure heaven and this mousse is no exception. Properly delicious and definitely good enough to eat! Those Buttercream Delights I whipped up not so long ago? This smells exactly like those biscuits, straight out of the oven! YUM! This mousse is 100% organic and 100% natural, and free from chemicals and synthetic preservatives (basically any of those nasties you don’t want to be putting on your skin) It contains organic shea butter, cocoa butter (known for it’s natural restorative and anti-inflammatory properties) as well as organic almond oil which with it’s essential fatty acids, it is fantastic for reducing itchiness from eczema and psoriasis and helps your skin to retain moisture for longer. All skin types can really benefit from the high dose of vitamins and minerals in almond oil.  This mousse is so hydrating and quickly absorbed into your skin – a little goes a long way and is perfect for protecting your skin against the colder weather (and the fragrance is oh so comforting!) R130 for a 250g tub.

Goji Berry Face Mask for Radiant Skin: There are actual goji berries in this mask!! Like real ones that pop when you squeeze them! How cool is that?? I love this mask and have been using regularly since purchasing it (well trying to anyway – I’m not terribly good with the colder weather!).  It’s been a long time since I’ve used a cream-based mask and my skin quite literally drinks in the goodness contained in this. Goji berries have amazing anti-aging properties and contain all sorts of vitamins and minerals that each do something special for your skin, leaving it hydrated, smooth and plumped up which helps to reduce fine line (yes please!!) The creamy texture makes it easy to apply and requires just 15 minutes on your face. R175 for 100g tub.

Have you tried any of these products yet? Which one’s are your favourite? Hope you are enjoying a lazy Sunday and all you Capetonians are lapping up the sunshine!


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