Time To Do Good

There’s no denying that I love my nail polish but there is also no getting around the fact that I have a fairly large collection that’s quite literally taking over our bathroom cabinet – my husband recently staged an intervention that roughly translated to a if a new polish arrives, an old one goes (let’s just say I’m working on it but the struggle is real) If I’m perfectly honest there are a fairly large number of those half-full bottles of polishes with crusty edges that I haven’t used in months (maybe even years???!!) but I keep holding onto them ‘just in case’ but  deep down I know that they were a one season wonder or a new favourite has already taken it’s place… And how many of you have ever finished a bottle of polish?? (excluding base coat or top coat!) But I also hate the idea of just throwing these bottles away because it really does just seem like such a waste – until now!

This winter, Sorbet has found a home for those poor long-lost colours that will give them the opportunity to shine again! The Sorbet SEW Academy (Sorbet Empowering Women) has come to the rescue and seen the potential that lays in these old, wasted-away bottles to bring them back to life. For those of you who don’t know about SEW, it is an amazing initiative that helps women to improve their earning potential and circumstances by finding employment in the beauty industry. Together with Amazi,  they recruit, train, mentor, upskill and coach these women to ultimately secure employment at Sorbet and Amazi Salons (Amazi is a new brand launched under the Sorbet banner that offers affordable and professional nail treatments to the LSM market) Check out my blog post on how we brought brought Sorbet’s Paint it Forward initiative to work and helped the ladies gain experience and valuable hours towards their qualifications here. You can read more about this amazing initiative on Sorbet’s website http://www.sorbet.co.za/sew/

How can you do your bit? Well, Sorbet have made this part super easy.  All you need to do is gather up those long-lost bottles of polish hiding in the shadows and head on over to your closest Sorbet store and drop them off at the front desk.  These polishes will be put to good use in helping the lovely ladies at the SEW Academy practice their painting and get one step closer to their dream of becoming qualified beauty therapists. I’ve found seven (don’t judge) polishes that I’ll be dropping off at Sorbet Constantia on Saturday morning 🙂

Hope you all had a great day off and cast your vote!!


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