Winter Warmers


Winter… thank goodness we are on the homestretch to lighter mornings and warmer evenings! I am convinced that in my previous life I was a bear because come winter, I just about go into hibernation and feel like I’m functioning at less than optimum level. I do enjoy sitting by the fire with a glass of wine in hand listening to the sound of the rain pouring down outside but when my alarm goes off in the morning, it’s pitch dark and I’m still listening to said rain? Let’s just say getting out of bed is no easy feat and I feel like I deserve a medal for making it to work on time while looking mostly presentable! So to help me get through the long, cold winter, I’ve put together my favourite products that make the days a whole lot brighter.


1. Sorbet Spa Scrub and Body Wash: Sorbet’s Spa Escape range will send your mind, body and soul on a delicious getaway and make you forget all about winter. This range is all about sea botanicals and stimulating seaweed extracts to rejuvenate and refresh, with a fresh, summer fragrance. Seaweed is fantastic for hydrating your skin and has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. The gel-based body wash is packed with purifying seaweed complex full with vitamins and minerals to awaken your senses and cleanse your skin. The body scrub is a delightfully creamy scrub that creates a great lather on your skin – I find I use it more often that my sugar-based scrubs because of it. This gentle exfoliating scrub contains Apricot kernel beads as well as seaweed complex to leave you with soft, smooth skin. Refresh Body Wash (200ml) retails for R40.00 and Reveal Body Scrub (200ml) R45.00.


2. Kiko Milano  Smart Lipstick: As those of you who follow my Instagram will know, I was lucky enough to escape some of Cape Town’s winter and head to Europe for some summer sunshine and of course, I did make a few sneaky purchases since EVERYTHING was on sale (when they say there’s a sale, there is a SALE). I had been eyeing these Kiko Milano lipsticks out for ages and make a beeline for their store as soon as we hit Italy (not hard since there are loads dotted around) Sadly though, I have yet to find these in South Africa but the reason they featuring here is the colour. For me, I don’t wear very dark lipstick or a shade that makes a statement but I do love my pinks and nudes and nothing brightens up a gloomy day better than a pretty lipstick! These colours are gorgeous and I must say, the colour glides onto your lips leaving them nourished and with a soft vanilla scent. This range is available in 24 colours and three different finishes (full, satin and pearl)  The ones shown here are 902 (Pastel Pink) and 910 (Baby Pink).


3. Morgan Taylor Winters Garden: This collection is just so beautiful! The darkest of mornings and coldest of days are instantly brightened with the gorgeous floral shades popping out of these bottles. The six colours make me think of a blooming rose garden bursting with colour, from deep dark magenta to the softest of silky pearl – whatever your preference, there is a shade for everyone. I can’t decide what I prefer when it comes to my winter colours and I definitely go through stages of loving my warm, dark shades and then going to my soft pale pinks. A deciding factor is definitely the length though – I only ever do dark if my nails are short. I grabbed two colours from this collection, Primrose and Proper and Don’t Pansy Around. Primrose and Proper is a real winner and I’ve worn this a number of times now – similar to Tan my Hide but softer and a more pearly pink (it reminds my of creamy pink rose petals) Very easy application and gives full coverage with just two coats. Don’t Pansy Around is a bright, creamy pink- a bit bright for my hands but it’s been gorgeous on my toes and will work beautifully in summer too. Two thin coats are more than enough to get fully opaque. Morgan Taylor polishes retail for R138 from Dischem, Sorbet stores, selected salons and pharmacies. 

3. Hug in a Mug: Once I’ve had my morning coffee, I’m much happier with life and feel like I can face the day. My mom introduced me to these delicious quick and easy cappuccinos and the packaging is so cute and eye catching. While I try to stick to just one coffee a day, every now and then when the afternoon is getting a little long and I need a pick me up, this House of Coffees Hazlenut Cappuccino hits the spot. Creamy, indulgent and delectable! They have also come in handy when we’ve gone away and since I don’t drink instant coffee, this is a great substitute for my morning latte. It’s not something I have everyday since I try to avoid things that come in sachets but once in a while they are the perfect treat. Hug in a Mug comes in six different flavours – I’ve tried the Vanilla but find it a bit sweet for my liking and the Creamy which is like a regular cappuccino but creamier and so tasty! A box of 10 sachets is around R45 depending on where you buy and what specials are on.


4. Victoria’s Secret Hand and Body Cream: No season post would be complete without a moisturiser and since I took full advantage of the Victoria Secret sale in Italy, it definitely needed a spot on this list. The Coconut Passion fragrance has a delicious rich vanilla and warm coconut scent that is a real feast for the senses. This is from their ultra-moisturising range but I did think it would be more hydrating than it it is – I find it’s ok for my body but not so much for hands. I do love the rich, non-greasy texture though so a little goes a long way and I love that its summery coconut scent lasts so if I put it on at night, I can still smell the subtle scent when I wake up in the morning. 


5. A Good Book – Me Before You by Jojo Moyes: There is nothing better than being curled up under a blanket with a good book (while few and far between, there are some perks to winter!) I love to read and am never without a good book. When I saw the hype around the movie Me Before You, I knew I had to read the book before seeing it – part of what I love so much about reading, is being able to create the world for myself and use my imagination when it comes to the characters and scenes so whenever possible, I read the book before the seeing movie. This book though!! It is impossible not to fall in love with the characters in this story and become completely immersed in Lou and Will’s world. While a romance novel, it has incredible depth, insight and is hugely thought provoking. Be prepared for tears though so have the tissues on hand – and if you see the movie, take the whole box! It’s also one of the few movies that really and truly do the book justice. 

So there you have the round up of what’s made this winter a little brighter. What are some of your tricks? Or are you team winter?? 

Happy Monday and have a fantastic week ahead 🙂



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