Hello Spring!


Spring is in the air and while we may still have a good few rainy days ahead in Cape Town, that damp winter chill has definitely left the air. The weeks ahead mean fewer layers, brighter colours and getting to choose between boots and pumps. I love the slightly warmer mornings where you can roll down your window and let the crisp fresh air in, the longer evenings that allow you to get a little more out of your day and that extra dose of vitamin D that lifts your spirits. The smell of freshly mowed grass, jasmine flowers beginning to bloom and pretty little birds frequenting the gardens. Along with all the fresh, newness in the air comes the opportunity to add some freshness in your own life – out with the old and in with the new! While my Spring clean won’t be quite as drastic as last year since it turned into somewhat of a home improvement project, I will be taking stock of what’s in my wardrobe and getting serious on those ‘just in case” items.  And on the blogging side, I’m giving myself more structure and consistency with a schedule – something I need to stick to and be accountable for.

“In winter I plot and plan. In spring, I move” – Henry Rollins

In a way, I feel like Spring is like the start of a new year. I feel like I am emerging from a cave, revitalized and ready to up the ante again.  So hit the reset button and give yourself a do-over this year – let all those plans, goals and projects that have been waiting in the wings come alive and see them through – don’t waste time on what-ifs. Whenever I’m having a moment of self-doubt, wondering why I’m doing what I’m doing, or if I quite measure up (to who’s benchmark, I don’t know) I remember these words, “don’t compare your chapter one with someone else’s chapter ten”- and it’s these words that keep me motivated, because you are where you are meant to at the exact right moment in your very own story. Whatever it may be, big or small, scatter the seeds and embrace the excitement that comes with the start of a new season.

Happy spring friends. 

xxx Cat


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