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Not too long ago I posted about the Real Techniques make-brushes in my Make-Up Must Haves post and they are all kinds of fabulous! A good makeup brush makes the world of difference to your makeup application and while I’ve had a love affair with my Body Shop powder and blush brushes for a while now, they started to get a bit long in the tooth and it was time to upgrade them… These Real Techniques brushes are all make with synthetic hair which makes them 100% cruelty free and super soft. All the brush heads are hand made which gives them the perfect shape to create a flawless, airbrushed finish. Another very nifty design is that most of the brushes are self-standing and all the handles are colour coded according to their design purpose so the pink handles are all your finishing brushes (blush/blending etc), the yellow handles are your base brushes (foundation/powder etc) and purple is your eye application. I bought the Core Collection and Starter Sets to start with and later the Blush brush to replace my old one. While I have been using the Buffing brush to apply my powder, I have my eye on the fuller Powder brush (Dear Father Christmas… !!) I’m very late to this party but on researching for this post I found out that you can order your brushes directly off of the Real Techniques website for delivery to South Africa (I had been ordering from Biovea and had a few shipping issues with my last order) which is so exciting! You can purchase the brushes from selected Clicks, Foschini and Woolworths stores as well as Take A Lot but they don’t all carry the full range of products.


Having beautiful new brushes is one thing but keeping them looking clean and working at optimum level isn’t always easy and cleaning my brushes has always been an issue for me. When I came across the Real Techniques Cleansing Palette, I absolutely HAD to have one but I first ordered this back in August but as mentioned I had some issues with customs and our dear SA Post Office so I only got my delivery a couple weeks ago. Along with wanting to maintain my brushes properly, I’ve really been battling with my skin and breakouts recently so I’m pulling out all the stops and clean make-up brushes is a no brainer.


What Real Techniques has to say about their Cleansing Palette: Great make-up application starts with a clean brush and the Cleansing Palette together with the Brush Cleansing gel cleans brushes up to 55% better than hand washing. The palette (which slips onto your hand like a glove) helps to sweep away makeup, oil and impurities from your brush bristles to give you truer, more consistent colour application. The multi-textured surface gently works between the bristles for gentle but enhanced deep cleaning.

I purchased the Cleansing Palette together with the Brush Cleansing gel (although you do get a sample sachet with your Palette) and I tried out my two old Body Shop brushes first – my Real Techniques brushes are still relatively new so I didn’t want to test it out on them first! I wish I had taken before photos of what my brushes looked like (and I’m not even going to try and work out when I last cleaned them… *blushes*) but to say I am shocked at the results is an under statement of note. I was ready to chuck my blush brush in the bin it looked so forlorn but both brushes look brand spanking new and feel so soft and silky again. I still have them sitting on my dresser and can’t help but run my fingers over them every time I walk past! And the process of cleaning them was so quick and easy:

* Slip the palette onto your hand and squeeze a little drop of the cleaning gel into the palette (a little goes a long way) and add a little warm water
* Swirl your brush in the water and gel and across all the surfaces of the palette until the brush is clean. * Rinse the bristles in clean water but avoid immersing the base of the bristles in water. Squeeze out the excess water.
* Rest the brushes across the palette or hang upside down to dry


What I love about the Cleansing gel is that it is demalogically tested for gentleness, contains no alcohol and is quick and easy to rinse out. It removed all of the left over blush and powder from both my brushes and was so easy to do. It’s recommended that you clean your brushes weekly but that for me is pushing it so I’ll be aiming for monthly for now!

The Real Techniques Cleansing Palette retails for around R490 from the Real Techniques website and the Cleansing gel R365 (both include shipping and duties) The Biovea website has a special where you pay R450 for both products but I did have to pay duties on my parcel when it arrived in Cape Town. I haven’t seen the Cleansing Palette in stores which is why I bought it online – if you have spotted it, please let me know where!

Happy long weekend and almost Christmas holidays friends! I hope you’ve all you got your lists off to Santa 😉

xxx Cat

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