Ginkgo Petite Spa at the Andros Hotel


Every year our ‘team’ does a spa day as a year-end treat to take some time out and enjoy a relaxing afternoon away from the office and chat about things other than work. This year was a rather bitter-sweet one as it was also a farewell as my manager of 5 years left at the end of December. After 5 years, we’ve formed a strong relationship, one that has extended beyond the work place and so saying goodbye to someone who has filled the rolls of mentor, friend and even mom at times, was very hard. Change is always an unknown and so I’m also apprehensive about the introduction of a new manager and all that comes with that. And so this past year has taught me a lot about myself and it hasn’t been without it’s challenges – I’ve had to let things go and overcome disappointments and truly grow as a person and really think about what I want to do with my life and where I want my career to go. That being said, something that I truly believe (and live by), is that everything happens for a reason, at the right time and while that reason may not be apparent at the time or it’s a hard one to get your head around, sooner or later it will become clear why things panned out the way they did. And so I try to keep reminding myself of that whenever I find myself feeling unsettled or anxious about what lays ahead – we might think we have it all planned out but in reality, we really don’t and there’s a lot that’s out of our hands!


So, before I get more distracted, last year we definitely needed our spa trip as it was quite a year workwise with a lot to celebrate and a lot to let go of and we settled on Ginkgo Petite Spa at the Andros Hotel for an afternoon of pampering. I drive past this hotel on the way to work every day but I have never been there before and boy was I missing out on a treat! What a hidden gem! The gardens and grounds of this hotel are truly spectacular and you would never guess you were sitting right in the middle of Claremont. The hotel is a magnificent Cape Dutch style and walking through the gardens makes you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.

 The petite little spa is tucked away below the swimming pool and really is a little sanctuary. With just three treatment rooms, it’s a tiny little spot but so beautiful and tastefully decorated. The spa follows the same theme of the hotel with a mix of vintage and modern decor in lovely neutral tones. Upon arrival, we were welcomed with a delicious cup of chi tea and made ourselves comfortable on the gorgeous vintage couch while we decided on which treatment to have. We had booked for a 50-minute full body massage but had the choice of the Ginkgo Elixir Signature MassageTraditional Swedish or Deep Tissue Personalised Sports Massage. As this spa specialises in anti-stress and sports massages I knew I was in good hands and went with the Signature Massage as this came highly recommended and incorporates a range of techniques to suit your own individual requirements. You can also choose if the massage is Nutritive, Relaxing or Uplifting (I went with relaxing). We slipped into our treatment rooms where my therapist applied a soothing lotion before laying a warm, rolled up towel on my back – the combination of the tingling gel and warmth from the towel was pure heaven! The delicious scent of Shea butter filled the room as my therapist worked her magic and relaxed my tired muscles. Having worked out the day before, my sore body loved every minute and the 50 minutes of bliss flew by. All three of us floated out of the salon in a hazy bubble and headed up to the restaurant for a lovely lunch to end off the most deliciously indulgent day. 


I can highly recommend a visit to Gingko Petite Spa – you can find all of their treatments from manicure and pedicures, to massages and skin treatments on their website. And as an added bonus, they are on the Entertainer App (offering a whole host of 2 for 1 specials on restaurants, spas, accommodation and more – click here for more info) so I’m seeing another visit in my future soon 🙂

Happy Friday! Can you believe we the first week of 2017 is almost done and dusted??

xxx Cat

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