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My husband is not one to fuss with moisturisers, creams and cleansers. The most he’ll do is a shower gel and some suncream (if he remembers or I remind him!) so when I received a range of the new Sorbet MAN products that needed to be tried out, I thought I was in for a challenge. That being said, I have seen him use my face wash and moisturiser before so I was feeling slightly optimistic. While I was pleasantly surprised to find that he was more than happy to use the products (and has continued to do so on a daily basis), my real challenge was getting blog-worthy content out of him! When asked what he thought of the products tested, I got “they smell manly” as a response… How pray tell he thought I could convert that into a blog post I don’t know but after some prompting (and a lot of laughing) I managed to get a bit more to work with (although I will add a disclaimer upfront and say that I used my blogging licence to embellish things a bit) Keep reading for the low-down on this great men’s range which makes great gifts for husbands, dads and brothers!

The Sorbet MAN skincare and body range is dermatologically tested and approved to effectively target the specific needs of your skin. The black and silver packaging is bold and scents refreshing – I personally love the smell of the Hydro Cool range – not only is it manly but it has a clean, fresh fragrance, like a really good aftershave!


Sorbet MAN Shower Gel (Hydro Cool): First up is the shower gel which is a great three-in-one product as it is mild enough to use on your hair, face and body and is perfect for the guys on the go who really don’t have time to fuss. The gel gives a great foamy lather and smells like a refreshing cologne. It’s a no-brainer that this is the most popular of the products we tried out but I’ve also used once or twice and the foam was good enough to shave my legs with (don’t judge!) It is also available in Max Active which I’ll get next time to mix things up. R40 for a 200ml bottle.


Sorbet MAN Face Wash and Scrub: The fact that this is a 2-in-1 face wash and scrub is a real winner. The biodegradable beads in the scrub work really well at exfoliating and keeping ingrown hairs at bay and leaves the skin soft, supple and hydrated. This is the one product my husband uses the least as cleanser it not high on the priority list and he forgets about (and just uses the shower gel) but it’s really good for after shaving. I did try this out myself though when I forgot my own face wash and while it’s to much for me on a daily basis, the scrub wasn’t too harsh on my skin and left it feeling cleansed and soft. R80 for 150ml. 


Sorbet MAN Face Moisturiser: This could not have come at a better time! Being summer, my husband is always outdoors, mountain biking, kite surfing, running – you name it, he’s always on the go doing something – so his skin takes quite a beating, especially when he’s on the water. This worked so well to hydrate and soften his skin after too much time in the sun and he definitely noticed the difference it made. An added bonus is the fact that this also has an SPF15 which isn’t enough for hitting the beach with but is great for day to day and keeping the rays at bay. R120 for a 50ml bottle. 


Sorbet Man Body Lotion: This has been another winner for summer and worked super well on a very sunburnt back! The cream is lightweight and a little goes a long way. It also absorbs quickly, so you don’t end up with greasy skin and can put a shirt on straight away. It kept my husband’s skin feeling hydrated and soft for a good 24 hours, even after showering and definitely kept peeling under control. This body lotion has a fancy ingredient called DuraQuench™ IQ SA which is a moisturising complex that forms an intelligent structural layer on the skin while at the same time regulating water loss from within as it reinforces the skins natural barrier. I’ve also enjoyed using this a couple times and it has a nice bold, masculine smell without being overpowering. This is also available in the Max Active range and is R40 for a 200ml bottle.

Sorbet MAN have also introduced a Post Shave Balm, Antiperspirant Roll-On Deodorant as well as a number of gift packs which combine the perfect products to get your main man in tip-top shape and looking rather dapper. This range is very affordable, works well and will definitely have a permanent spot in our bathroom. Have any of your men popped into a Sorbet MAN Salon to try out a treatment?? 

While this post was slightly more challenging to write than my regular posts since I was trying to capture feedback that wasn’t all my own, I did have fun writing it 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading and have a few gift ideas for when you stuck on what to buy those men who are often so difficult to buy for!

xxx Cat

PS. While this post was written in partnership with Sorbet Constantia, all thoughts and opinions are my own (or husbands) and are in no way influenced by Sorbet. All prices correct at time of posting.

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