Morgan Taylor Sweetheart Squadron


It’s been a while since I’ve done a polish collection review and the Morgan Taylor Fall 2016 Collection is definitely one that needs a dedicated post! I loved their Beauty and the Beast Collection that was released in South Africa a couple months ago but I was a bit slow on that one (I’ve featured it in my Winter Warmers post coming up next week) The Sweetheart Squadron Collection might be Fall 2016’s release but as South Africa is always a little behind in getting the latest releases, it made it in time for our Fall/Winter 2017. Inspired by the courageous female pioneers of the aviation industry, this gorgeous collection features six beautiful shades of 1940’s dusty rose, slate grey, fiery red and deep purple, paying perfect tribute to the ladies who took to the skies – hats off to Morgan Taylor for the amazing inspiration! This collection has five cremes and one shimmer and I picked the three colours that really stood out to me and found all three that I tried had an excellent, creamy formula which made a two-coat application a breeze. There are also gift packs available on great combinations with both full size and 5ml minis which are always great value for money. It’s no secret I love Morgan Taylor polishes but the fact that they are free from formaldehyde, toluene and DBP, means that you really are getting your money’s worth and the result is smooth, long-lasting colour and professional finish.

 “Straight from the runways to your nails, this palette will be the perfect co–pilot to your wardrobe this season. Get ready to zip up your flying jacket and climb into the pilot’s seat!” – Morgan Taylor


Up In The Air-Heart: A beautiful light, dusty coral creme polish that I loved the minute I tried it out. It’s a subtle pinky-nude that makes a perfect work-week manicure with it’s classy, chic finish. A fellow blogger and I were crushing over this colour over the same weekend and it’s definitely my new go-to. And any polish that gives me full coverage in just two coats gets two thumbs up in my book.


Rule The Runway: I love my grey shades for winter and this one did not disappoint! A light grey creme with warm lavender undertones, that’s still quite a soft, subtle shade so it also has a lovely, professional feel to it. This lasted really well too and I got great wear out of it for a full work-week despite a rather hasty paint (definitely not my finest mani!!).  


Oh, Para-chute!: A fabulous sage green creme that’s a dusty, army-green shade that is classy and professional. I don’t have a single colour anywhere close to this shade in my ever-expanding box of polishes but I surprised myself by how much I love it as usually if I go for a green polish it’s more on the minty side and also always goes on my toes. I can definitely see it will be on rotation for winter this year and is the real knockout of the collection for me. In fact, this season I have a puffer jacket and jersey in the same shade and it goes beautifully with navy, grey and black (the colours of my winter wardrobe!) It’s such a unique colour and post-mark colour of the era – I really hope it becomes part of their permanent collection (hint, hint Morgan Taylor!)

The Sweetheart Squadron Collection has to be my favourite collection yet and that’s saying a lot! I love how unique the colours are and I was so drawn to the inspiration behind the collection. This collection is available at Sorbet Salons, Woolworths and DIschem stores for around R149 for a 15ml bottle.

Hope you all had a fabulous long weekend!

xxx Cat


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