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This post started as summer essentials, then moved to autumn and since we are now in June and I have yet to post, it has now moved to winter! How are we at the end of June already??? I feel like I literally blinked and half of the year disappeared! Granted, I didn’t feel like I came up for air between February and April so that could also account for my time warp… Since most of the products I planned on featuring weren’t summer specific, they work just as well for winter (the ones that aren’t I’ll post in next seasons blog) and so with a couple of tweaks, I’m good to go again! I’ve said this many times before, I am not a winter person – at all. I enjoy the odd cozy day by the fire and busting out my boots once in a while (a week is a good amount of time) but the cold weather and I have never been besties and I REALLY feel the cold so I’m always on the hunt for a product or spoil that makes the long winter months slightly more bearable.


1. Simply Bee Hand and Foot Creams: A few birthdays ago I received these products as a gift and absolutely loved them but then I couldn’t find them anywhere, until last December we were in Langebaan with friends and in a tiny little shop I found a whole range of their products! Turns out my friend also loves them and was stocking up while she was there too. Since then, I have seen that Wellness Warehouse and a couple farm stalls stock their range too! Simply Bee products are made just outside of Cape Town and use all natural ingredients including the beeswax which is made from hives on site in Hopefield and is 100% organic. Not only are there huge health benefits to using natural beeswax in products but the process also helps with bee conservation which is hugely important due to the honeybee crisis in South Africa (bees actually play a more vital role in our ecosystem and food production than we might think)

Simply Bee have a whole host of products now from balms, baby, skincare, body and more (hop onto their website for the full list but my favourites are the hand cream and foot cream. The Hand Cream is a deliciously creamy, moisture locking wonder that leaves your hands feeling silky smooth and non-greasy. With ingredients such as beeswax, sweet almond oil, rose geranium oil and Ylang Ylang oil, the scent is an absolute delight (if they made a candle with that scent I would be in heaven!) The Foot Cream works wonders on dry heels and legs (so it’s a winner for both summer and winter) and it really keeps your feet hydrated and softens cracks and callouses. When I’m not being lazy and apply this every night before bed, I’ve really noticed the difference its made and my feet are much softer as a result. This cream contains shea butter, beeswax, almond oil, peppermint and tea tree oil so it is also wonderfully refreshing and soothing on hot, tired feet. Both products smell so good that it’s really hard to choose a favourite between the two! Both are R90 for a 125ml.


2. Ifrogz Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds: The best invention ever! I got these neat little earphones from my brother for Christmas and they are so convenient! I’m often in the gym and cannot do a workout without music. I love having my tunes blasting in my ears and marching along to the beat – it definitely helps the time go quicker and the beat of the music helps set a good pace. These bluetooth earphones by Ifrogz are compact and clip nicely onto your vest so don’t have to constantly fight with cables or worry about being too far away from your phone and pulling out the cable! They fit neatly in your ears, give great sound, are sweat resistant and they come with three pairs of ear tips in different sizes. The only challenging part for me is remembering to charge them!! I’ve added a link to them on Take-A-Lot here.


3. Dove Purely Pampering: I have definitely mentioned my love of anything vanilla scented more than once. It has to be my absolute favourite fragrance for candles, body butters, hand cream, you name, anything vanilla has me hooked! When I spotted Dove’s Purely Pampering body wash in their two new fragrances, I scooped them up and couldn’t wait to give them a try. I had been using the Shea Butter beauty bars for a couple of weeks but my husband definitely raised an eyebrow when he saw pink soap in the shower so I’ve switched back to their regular beauty bars and just use the body washes for myself! The two body washes incorporate Dove’s signature scent with delicious warming vanilla tones in the shea butter and warm vanilla wash and coconut milk and jasmine petals for a sensory overload. Both washes smell absolutely heavenly and since I can’t decide which one I prefer, I’ve been alternating between the two. The rich, creamy lather leaves my skin feeling silky smooth, soft and hydrated. I have very sensitive skin and battle with patches of eczema but Dove has always been the one soap/wash that has never aggravated my skin as the gentle formula gives it the nourishment it needs without any unpleasant ingredients. The creamy washes also contains Dove’s NutriumMoisture™ which provides natural nourishment deep within the layer of your skin. Dove’s Purely Pampering body washes retail for around R42 for a 250ml bottle depending on where you buy them.


4. HASK Nourishing Deep Conditioner: I’ve been using HASK hair products for over a year now (you can read my previous posts on the conditioner and oils here and here) and I really love the way their products make my hair feel. I have very thin, fluffy hair that tends to run wild when left to it’s own devices so it often needs something keep the frizz under control and leave me with soft waves instead of a Hagrid-style perm! I picked up two of HASK’s Deep Conditioning packets to try out – Monoi Coconut Oil and Kalahari Melon Oil and as my hair is short, I can get two to three uses out of one packet (resealable packaging would be a real win!!) So far I’ve only tried the Kalahari Melon Oil Mask as I have colour treated hair and this mask shields and replenishes colour treated hair so it’s right up my ally! I also decided to try this one out first as it was quite unusal and I was really keen to try out the Kalahari oil. I love the fresh melon scent and it left my hair feeling ultra nourished and soft without feeling heavy or greasy which can be a problem when you have fine hair like mine.  An added bonus is that it contains a UV absorber to protect colour treated hair from damage and fading – especially great in summer!

 “Kalahari melon oil, found in the African desert, is known as a color-locking, damage-blocking ingredient. Counteracts dry-out and fading, leaving hair soft and nourished while helping to maintain long-lasting vibrant color” – HASK

 HASK products really appeal to me as they are free of sulfates, artificial colours and drying agents and I’m always cautious when it comes to what I put on my hair. I’ll be sure to add an update in my next round-up post with a review on the Coconut Oil Mask. I purchased both treatments for R54.95 each at Clicks.


5. Morgan Taylor Beauty and The Beast Collection: In last week’s post (which you can catch up on here) I reviewed three colours from the new Sweetheart Squadron Collection which I am obsessed with but prior to that collection coming out, Morgan Taylor’s Beauty and the Beast Collection hit SA shores – in time for the launch of the much anticipated movie (which I have still not seen!!!). What a beautiful range of colours!!! Beauty and the Beast was (and still is) one of my all time favourite Disney movies, possibly rivaled by Cinderella but it’s pretty close, and the colours from this range could not match the theme of the story more perfectly! I only wish that I have actually bought more colours from the range but when it came to reviewing them, I realised I had only bought one (the rest I had applied at Sorbet Salons) Potts of Tea is the most beautiful, soft off-white porcelain china tea-pot shade that matches Mrs Potts to the T! It has slight simmers of rose and gold flakes that when they hit the right light, you can really see the gorgeous sparkles but it is still subtle enough that you can wear it as an everyday polish. It has very soft blue-grey undertones that make it an easy colour to wear in summer or winter. I got full coverage with two coats.

Hope you are all ready for another week ahead – happy Monday!

xxx Cat

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