For the Love of Baking


Winter is always a good time for a little bit of indulgence and with Cape Town’s frigid temperatures, an afternoon whipping up a delicious sweet treat was in order! I find baking to be incredibly comforting, from the warmth of the oven to the delicious smells of a freshly baked cake floating through the house, it fills me with all sorts of nostalgia and happiness. And getting to settle down on the couch with a hot cup of coffee and slice of said cake is just the cherry on top! The only downside of baking while pregnant is not being able to lick the bowl (the raw eggs in the batter are not advisable) so I needed to practice some serious self-control!


Once of my favourite cookbooks for baking is Sarah Dall’s For the Love of Baking and not only does she have an abundance of delectable delights to choose from, but the recipes are so easy to follow – and the beautifully photographed, glossy pages don’t hurt either! I love paging through pretty cookbooks and getting ideas of what to bake and her book fills you with inspiration with every turn of the page. I picked a Coffee and Pecan Nut cake but switched out the pecans for walnuts as I was struggling to find them. I love when recipes have some wiggle room to add your own spin or make a few changes when you can’t get your hands on something – I always find it takes a bit of the pressure off if it doesn’t look exactly like the photo in the book!


There is a little something for everyone in this book with chapters dedicated to Breakfast Bakes, Teatime Treats and After-dinner Delights – and don’t forget a little Something for the Kids 😊 The Home-made Essentials are staples to whip up and add to almost any baked recipe and the Kitchen Hints and Conversion Charts provide quick and easy references. I was lucky enough to be gifted this beautiful book but this is definitely one baking book that you need to have on your shelf! To get the recipe for this drool-worthy cake that I spent far too many afternoons tucking into, you can get For the Love of Baking from Exclusive Books, Take A Lot or Readers Warehouse.


Happy baking!

xxx Cat

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