Morgan Taylor’s The Great Ice-scape


I love a new polish collection and Morgan Taylor’s The Great Ice-scape has hit South African shores. This launched overseas in September last year as the Winter 2016 collection and I’ve been patiently waiting to try out some of these gorgeous shades. Inspired by the graceful art of ice-skating, this collection offers a beautiful range of soft pinks, milky blues and a pop of sparkle to help you twirl through winter with all the grace and glamour the world of ice-skating has to offer. The shades are all cool, icy tones which draw on the essence of winter but the colours still have an elegant, fun feel about them. I’ve always loved watching figure-skating and when the winter Olympics are on, you’ll find me glued to the TV, mesmerized by the beautiful costumes glittering under the lights as the skaters twirl and glide across the ice. With cute names like Figure 8’s and Heartbreak, Flirt in an Ice-Skating Skirt and Lace-Em Up, you’ll find yourself transported into the glamorous world of figure-skating and gliding through winter with ease!

 “Ice skating’s elegant and fun nature is in line with the Morgan Taylor type of girl” – Morgan Taylor


Flirt in an Ice-skating Skirt: This was the the first colour I tried and while it’s not usually one I’d gravitate towards, it’s actually one of my favourites! It’s a gorgeous dusty, steel blue creme shade that covers beautifully in two coats. This is a perfect winter shade as it has a lovely warmth to it – I find blue polish can often drain the colour out of my hands but this is a real winner.


N-ice Girls Rule: I generally steer away from shimmer polish as I find they can often look two girly if the consistency isn’t quite right but I really liked this cone and can see it fabulous in summer with a tan. This is a very soft, icy pink with a slight silvery shimmer to it. It dried a lot more matte than I had expected which gives it a more sophisticated feel. It was one of the harder polishes to paint though which was surprising as usually a shimmer polish is more forgiving. To me, this colour captures the essence of the collection so beautifully and I can picture a set of pale pink skates, gliding across the ice when I look at it!


Hey, Twirl-friend!: While I usually love a nude polish, this was my least favourite of the four colours I tried. It’s a very pale taupe creme with a hint of mushroom to it. I’ll try it again in summer as I think it might look better on my hands if they have a bit of a tan but found it was definitely too pale for winter. I did find it was a great work-week colour for a subtle and sophisticated look though and it wasn’t obvious when my nails started to look a little tired at the end of the week.


Figure 8’s and Heartbreaks: I saved the best for last because hands down, this is my favourite colour of the collection! I don’t really have any colours similar to this so I loved that it was something different. It is a gorgeous dusty, mauve and I received so many compliments about my nails for the week I wore it (despite them all having broken at the same time!) Not only was it a really easy shade to apply but it also lasted the longest.

Since I’m struggling to reach my toes now with my ever-expanding baby-bump, I’ve been treating myself to a pedicure once a month. Last week I chose Lace ‘Em Up which is a deep, midnight blue and even though I have Gelish on, it covered so easily. It’s a lovely colour for winter and if I happen to have my nails done, I think I might give it a try so you can see the colour – despite my toes looking fabulous, they are not quite blog worthy!

Happy Friday!

 XXX Cat

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