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IMG_20170922_084123_481I can’t quite believe it’s been 3 months since my first Pregnancy Essentials post and I’m now 32 weeks pregnant… Where the time has gone, I couldn’t tell you but with just 7 weeks to go, things are definitely getting very real! As my pregnancy had progressed, so my list of essentials has grown so I thought I’d update my list. If you missed my first post, you can read it here.


First, I thought I’d give you an update on baby M. I started writing this post 2 weeks ago while on a flight back from Joberg, so if you asked me there and then, I’d say I am exceptionally uncomfortable! I’ve struggled with very sore ribs (apparently as a result of the muscles and ligaments stretching as my ribcage expands) and with baby’s feet very nicely wedged under my right side ribs, sitting for long periods of time is rather painful – especially when he starts his afternoon gymnastics! But on the bright side, no more business trips!! I’ve been blessed with a very easy pregnancy so far but I’ve definitely found myself slowing down as the weeks go on and I really need to put my feet up for a while when I get home from work. We finished our antenatal classes last week which have provided lots of laughs given my poor husband’s rather squeamish side but they have also been exceptionally interesting and we’ve both learnt so much. I would highly recommend signing up for a few classes if you’re a first time mom and it was so great meeting other couples and making new friends. Any Cape Town based mommies to be who would like the details of where we went, pop me a mail 🙂

Currently craving: While I haven’t really had any major cravings, I do have a few things on rotation that I can quite happily eat every day… Avo on rye toast, Woolworths Frosted lattes and more recently, orange juice.

What I’m loving: Feeling baby move!! He’s incredibly active now and I love watching my stomach wiggle and jiggle as he bounces around. I’ve been in absolute awe of what my body is capable of and it blows my mind that there is an actual human growing inside of me – especially when I spot a little foot or hand poking out!

What I’m missing: Food wise, sushi and seared tuna! Sleeping on my tummy and my workouts. Having sore, aching ribs has been quite fatiguing so by the end of the day, all I want to do is be horizontal so my daily exercise has been reduced to walking Wellington.

Ok, so back to my list of things that have made my life a little easier over the last 12 weeks….


1. Comfy Curve body pillow: In my last post I said that my H&M maternity jeans were the best investment I’ve ever made – well scratch that because this pillow has been an absolute lifesaver and I have slept like a baby (touch wood)! Having had a hip replacement, my hips have definitely taken some strain and since my tummy and back are off limits, I’m stuck with sleeping on one side. The U-shape of the pillow means I can wedge it nicely between my knees, taking pressure off my hips, while the curves provide much needed support for my bump and back. Its slim design follows the natural curves of your body but it’s also easy to manage and doesn’t restrict your movement when sleeping. I also like using it as a back rest when sitting up in bed reading or working on my laptop. I have tried sleeping without it once or twice but really struggle to get comfortable so I’ll be very attached to my pillow for the foreseeable future! I bought the deluxe version (it comes with 2 Pillow cases) off Take A Lot for R899.


2. EpyDerm G: Growing up I suffered terribly from eczema but outgrew it as I got older. Every now and then I get a small flare up if I’m stressed or changed climates but throughout my pregnancy, I’ve had a patch of eczema on my hand that seems to have found itself a rather permanent home. I’ve been using EpyDerm G which is specially designed for dry, eczema prone skin and contains Glycerine which is ultra moisturising. I apply it as a hand cream every night (and when I remember to put it on during the day) and it has helped tremendously. I can still see the patch on my hand but it’s not nearly as angry looking and I definitely notice the difference if I haven’t applied it for a few days. What I love about this cream too is that I can use it on Baby M as a moisturizer and body wash from day one too. Given that both my husband and I have had sensitive skin, I won’t be taking any chances and would rather use something that will be gentle on his skin and create a barrier against skin sensitives right from the beginning. Epyderm Pharmaceutical products also now boast the Allergy Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) seal of approval which means that the products have been scientifically tested to prove that they have significantly reduced allergen or chemical content so you know you are using a product that is free of any nasties.  Epyderm products are available from Clicks, Dischem and most pharmacies and retail for around R54 for a 500ml tub.


3. Sophie and Jane: I don’t know about you, but I’ve really struggled to find maternity bras that aren’t bland or boring and actually make me want to put them on! A well fitting, comfortable bra is so important and I was so excited when I came across Sophie and Jane on my Instagram feed. Their maternity bras are so beautiful, feminine and comfortable and they don’t come with a heafty price tag either. They are constantly expanding their range of bras so you have lots of options to choose from too. I ordered four online and returned the one as it didn’t fit as well as I would have liked – so don’t worry about ordering online and not knowing your exact size. There is also a sizing guide available to help you out but it is challenging trying to buy bras when pregnant as they tend to constantly be growing (well mine do anyway!) Two of the bras I bought came with strap extensions which is great as your rib cage expands during pregnancy so you might find the cups fit but the straps are getting too tight. For nursing moms, the bras are super practical with either a button or drop-down strap to make feeding a breeze. I’m hoping that I will still be able to wear the ones I’ve bought for nursing as well but may need to size up depending on what happens when my milk comes in! You can order directly from Sophie and Jane’s Facebook page but Baby Belle in Cavendish now stock them too. Prices start from R260.

4. Books: There is a wealth of information for first-time moms and moms-to-be (a little too much in my opinion) and while Google is often my first stop, it can be quite overwhelming  with some of the dramatic results that often pop up! So if I’ve got a question there are two books that I have really used a lot and turn to when I need some clarity. First up, What to Expect when you’re expecting by Heidi Murkoff (I also really like their website and blog posts) This book has been dubbed the “pregnancy bible” and I can see why. It is filled with loads of information to guide you right from the start when you wondering if you really are pregnant, to the first six weeks with your new little bundle. I really like the week-by-week approach which makes it easy to flip to a specific point if you not one to read from cover to cover. It’s filled with tips and tricks and questions and answers that give you practical, realistic advice not just on your pregnancy but pregnancy lifestyle too. This book retails for around R300 depending on where you buy it. The Pregnancy and Baby Book which I received in my Vitality Baby gift box (more on that to come) is another great guide filled with information from pregnancy to birth, to baby care and child care for the first three years. What I really love about this book though is that it is so visually appealing with it’s beautiful layout and pretty colours. If you not one for reading lots of dense text, then this is definitely a book to get your hands on. I did some research and found it is available on for R400. 

Until next time!

xxx Cat

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