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I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve sat down to write a blog post only to get caught up being a mom and suddenly it’s 3pm and I’ve accomplished little more than shower and brush my teeth! Not that I’d have it any other way though. I’ve loved being wrapped up in my newborn bubble, soaking up this incredibly special yet fleeting time with my tiny human. The first 6 weeks past me by in a foggy blur of strict 3 hourly feeds, check ups, weigh-ins and hours of cuddles. With my little arriving well ahead of schedule at 35 weeks, I was really thrown for a loop and only now, 13 weeks later, am I’m starting to find my feet again.

December brought with it the end of year festivities, birthdays and two weddings as well as our first little weekend getaway to Hermanus. Who knew that one very little person needed so much stuff?! With our car bursting at the seems and Oliver barely visible in his car seat, we looked like we were leaving forever! But, we survived our first weekend away from home in one piece – a big tick on the firsts list! We closed off a truly monumental year with a quiet family braai and I saw in midnight with my little and his late night feed – oh how times have changed!

And now January… 2018!!! It sounds like a year from a futuristic movie that should have flying cars and robots taking over the world. The first two weeks have been beyond special for our family as after 10 years, my Granny made the long journey all the way from Scotland to come meet her first Great-grandson and celebrate her 85th birthday. January was also the month I decided I’d start exercising again – two weeks into Kayla Itsines’ Sweat (BBG) and it feels amazing to move again! I’ve said this many times before but for me, exercise is as much about the mental benefit as it is the physical and while it takes a little more planning now (and a lot more effort!) I already feel so much more like myself again.

Now that the holidays and busyness have come to an end, I feel ready to get back to my new normal and I’ve been itching to write again so finally, after far too long, I’m back! Just before I went on maternity leave, I made the decision to move my blog over to WordPress so I hope you like the new look – I certainly do! Please bear with me though as it’s taking me time to move all my content over so if you click on a link and you can’t find the post, it’s coming! I have loads of post-it notes scattered around my desk with posts I’m planning so you can expect to hear from me more regularly again.

Wishing you all a fabulous, successful 2018 – which hopefully brings with lots it of rain for Cape Town!!!


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  1. What a lovely article friend …. only just read it now …. can’t wait to hang out with you and Olli more 😙

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