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Oh how times have changed! My regular Mani-Monday posts feel like a thing of the past and my manis have been less than Insta-worthy. Since painting my nails is rather challenging at the moment (inevitably Oliver wakes up halfway through the first coat!), I had been treating myself to Gelish manis so that my nails still looked pretty. And between hand sanitzer and hand washing, polish doesn’t stand much of chance anyway. But after I broke my cardinal rule and went to town picking the gel off my nails, they were a hot mess – paper thin and incredibly sensitive. When I went to have gel reapplied (because that seemed like a good idea – rolls eyes), the lovely ladies at Sorbet suggested O.P.I’s Gel-Break mani instead to give my nails a much needed break.

O.P.I’s Gel Break in-between Gel Manicure treatment system is enriched with vitamins and minerals to help repair your nails. The three-step treatment helps restore and nourish your nails after damage from improper application and removal (like picking) of Gel Polish.

  1. Serum Infused Base Coat: Enriched with sodium hyaluronate (a water-binding ingredient that fills spaces between collagen and elastin) , vitamins and bamboo extract. The subtle shimmer in the base coat hides imperfections and any discolouration so that you are left with a flawless mani. The slight shimmer is actually really pretty and you can just see it when it catches the light.
  2. Sheer colour: Available in three different shades to compliment all skin tones, the sheer colour gives your nails subtle polished prettiness. Properly Pink (fair skin tones), Too Tan-Tilizing (medium skin tones) and Barely Beige (dark skin tones). Apply two coats.
  3. Protector Top Coat: Also enriched with sodium hyaluronate, vitamins, and bamboo extract, the top coat preserves and protects nails while giving them a high gloss finish.

I decided to splurge and invest in the three products to take home – and at R310 per bottle, it really is an investment BUT I can honestly say that after a week, my nails were already looking and feeling stronger. And now after a month of consistently applying the treatment, they are no longer red and sore and are finally getting some length back to them. And each coat of polish dries almost instantly so it’s really quick to apply which is essential for me! I find the polish lasts around 3 – 4 days but because its quite subtle, you don’t really notice when it’s chipping so I can get away with painting them once a week. I’ve tried both Properly Pink and Barely Beige and while I do prefer the pink, both colours are very soft and natural but give just enough coverage for my nails to look clean and polished. I’m also trying to remember to apply cuticle oil in the evenings to really nourish my nails but I’m definitely not as consistent as I should be. For now, I’m giving both Gel and polish a proper break but I’ll be back with my #ManiMondays again soon 😉

You can book an O.P.I Gel Break treatment at selected Sorbet salons, starting at R165.


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