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While not all women get stretch marks while pregnant (and some are predisposed to them), prevention is always better than cure! The best defense against these pesky lines is to help your skin maintain it’s elasticity throughout pregnancy by keeping it hydrated and supple. Drinking plenty of water, exercising and consistently applying a product that is specially formulated to maximise your skins elasticity, all go a long way in helping to reduce the likely hood of getting stretch marks (or at least minimising them). From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I started using stretch mark cream and applied it religiously every night and have been lucky enough to keep the stretchmarks at bay. About halfway through my pregnancy my mom spoilt me with Mama Mio’s Pregnancy Saviours kit and I was hooked. These beautifully packaged pots of gold smell heavenly, are free of nasties and nourish, protect and elastify your skin.

Founded by four mommies, Mama Mio started as one of the first brands purely dedicated to pregnancy skincare and their no nasties approach means they are completely safe to use during pregnancy and while nursing. The high quality, natural ingredients used in Mama Mio products ensures that your skincare routine becomes a memorable one and leaves you looking and feeling incredible. And Mama Mio is committed to ensuring that all their products are 100% cruelty free.  

The products in my kit contained all the essentials needed to keep my skin healthy and glowing from top to toe while pregnant and as these products are so luxurious, I had no problem remembering to apply them every evening (despite it being winter!). Did I mention that they smell amazing?? I was spoilt with:

Lucky Legs A mini spa treatment to help instantly soothe sore, swollen legs and feet
The Tummy Rub Butter Award-winning stretch mark cream 
Pregnancy Boob Tube Bust Cream to help skin feel firmer and relieve aching boobs
Liquid Yoga Space Spray relaxing aromacological scent to help calm, quieten, destress and rebalance (not mentioned in this post as I have’t really used it although it does smell lovely!)

Tummy Rub Butter: This award winning stretch mark prevention cream was where Mama Mio all began. This ultra luxurious butter, with it’s heavenly fragrance is designed specifically to reduce the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. Bursting with ingredients like avocado oil, rosehip and sweet almond oil, the Tummy Butter helps to improve your skins elasticity which enables it to stretch correctly and giving you the upper hand in the battle to beat stretch marks. The shea butter nourishes and replenishes your skin leaving it feeling beautifully soft and silky smooth. While the butter is thick and creamy, it absorbs into your skin quickly and is not greasy so you can  pop your clothes on straight after application. I’ve continued to use this butter post-baby to help nourish my skin and give it a helping hand while it shrinks back to its sort of pre-baby size. I love this butter and am now on my third pot – the delicious citrus smell alone won me over but I love how silky soft my skin feels after using it. You can apply this to your belly, bum, back and boobs to give your skin strength and stretch and help prevent an itchy tummy while it grows!

Pregnancy Boob Tube: If I thought my boobs were big when I was pregnant, I was in for a right treat when I started breastfeeding! While I am in awe of my body and extremely grateful that I have been able to breastfeed, I will be very happy when they return to something that vaguely resembles their pre-baby size! Let me also add that breastfeeding is not for sissies – it is HARD and definitely not something that comes as naturally as one might think. Four months in and I finally feel like I’ve got the hang of things now! I used Mama Mio’s Pregnancy Boob Tube while I was pregnant but even more so now that I am breastfeeding and I love how cool and soothing this cream is. It also absorbs really quickly and the shea butter gives it a delicious, soft fragrance. The Pregnancy Boob Tube is specially designed to help your skin cope with the rapid increase in cup sizes and helps to protect this delicate skin. Rich in omegas and packed with antioxidants, this cream helps lock in moisture and provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to maintain elasticity. I have consistently applied Pregnancy Boob Tube every evening post-baby and while I’m not sure what my boobs will look like when I stop breastfeeding, so far I only have one small stretch mark. It is recommended to continue using this product for 6 months post-baby.

Lucky Legs: This delicious, minty fresh cooling gel is just what the doctor ordered for hot, tired legs. I am still using this after a long day of mommying and love the cooling sensation it gives to my tired legs. Containing Ginger Root to invigorate, Murumuru Seed Butter to relieve and hydrate and other ingredients such as Arnica Montana Flower Extract (a traditional botanical) and Organic Coconut Oil, Lucky Legs really packs a punch. I was lucky enough to be pregnant through winter but this is definitely a handbag essential to help you get through the summer months with a baby on board!

Keep Calm Nipple Balm: This was not part of my Pregnancy Saviours kit but an added extra. I used this when I first started breastfeeding as a preventative measure and it’s great as you don’t need to remove it before breastfeeding. The organic coconut and olive oils help moisturise and strengthen your very delicate skin. It also contains Medical Grade Lanolin which is well known for it’s healing properties. It’s a really versatile balm and I actually keep it in my handbag and use it as a lip balm as it’s so hydrating. It also makes a great cuticle oil!

What a women’s body goes through during pregnancy and post-baby is truly remarkable and something that continues to blow my mind every time I look at my baby boy. Our bodies work miracles and so we need to play our part to nourish, protect and give it the TLC it deserves. Mama Mio’s Pregnancy Essentials range really is the perfect, pure indulgence!


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