SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier + GIVEAWAY

Snuggleroo Baby Carrier
Snuggleroo Baby Carrier

When Meg Faure (author and founder of the Baby Sense Product Range) announced the launch of the new SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier, I was more than a little intrigued. It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of baby wearing (you can read more about it in this post) and this unique and versatile carrier that looks like a wrap was definitely one I was keen to try. It’s innovative design means it is easy to slip on and off and can be worn in four different positions depending on the size and age of your baby (it’s suitable for babies from birth to 12 months). While most baby wraps can only be worn with baby facing towards you, this cleverly designed carrier means an older baby can face outwards and see the world from a different vantage point. Made from soft, cotton fabric, the carrier looks like a wrap but has built in shoulder straps which make it quick to slip on and is easily adjustable to ensure the perfect fit every time, without the stress of figuring out how to tie a wrap with lots of fabric. As a new mom, this is definitely a big tick as it can take some practice to get the hang of tying 4 metres of fabric! A little tip though – while I was still getting the hang of tying the wrap, I would put it on at home so that I didn’t have to myself frazzled trying to get it on once I was at my destination 🙂

Snuggleroo Baby Carrier
Snuggleroo Baby Carrier

I have used a baby wrap since Oliver was born and 8 months in, I still love having him snuggled up close. As a premie, kangaroo care was essential in those early weeks and would settle the moment he was placed in his wrap. It’s been especially useful lately as he’s been sick and teething and just wants to be close to me. Getting him to sleep in the carrier means that I can get some work done or have a cup of tea – which is a sanity saver when your to-do list seems never ending! But it also means that I can help my baby feel a little more comfortable and secure while he’s not feeling his best. There are so many benefits of baby wearing for both mom and baby and can help new moms tremendously while they find their feet – both first time moms getting their head around a new baby and moms with their second or third, trying to juggle a new addition and entertain a toddler. For babies, being snuggled up in a carrier like the SnuggleRoo, imitates the movement and tight hug of the womb which has physical and emotional benefits.

Benefits for baby:

  • Soothed and calmed by the sound of their mommy’s heartbeat and familiar voice
  • Reduces baby’s stress levels by the closeness of skin to skin contact and smell of their mom
  • Carried babies fall asleep quicker and tend to sleep for longer
  • Baby is calmed by the gentle caress of mom instinctively rubbing baby’s back just as she did while pregnant (this is something I do without even being aware that I’m doing it!)
  • The gentle motion of your body improves baby’s muscle tone, balance and gross motor development by stimulating their vestibular system
  • Helps babies digest and absorb their food better which is ideal for babies with colic or reflux (Oliver had silent reflux so this really helped)
  • Babies worn close to their parent’s faces gain social acumen more quickly as they can see and read other’s emotions seeing the world from their parent’s perspective

Benefits for mom:

  • Promotes confident parenting
  • Reduces and prevents postnatal depression – probably because mom has a free hand to drink a cup of coffee and pop on some make up! (there’s nothing like a splash of mascara and lipgloss to make yourself feel better 🙂 )
  • When held in a womb-like carrier, both babies and parents release Oxytocin (the love hormone) which promotes bonding and trust
  • While practicing kangaroo care, you can keep your baby close for longer periods of time, therefore deepening your bond
  • Enables mom to move around hands-free and have two hands to write your to-do list or respond to emails, all while maintaining that all important closeness and reassurance for mom and baby
  • Keeping your baby close to your chest may increase milk supply and help facilitate successful breastfeeding
  • Gives mom more flexibility and mobility – there are some situations where a pram just wont work!
Snuggleroo Baby Carrier
Snuggleroo Baby Carrier

What I really like about the SnuggleRoo carrier is the versatility and ease at which you can put it on. The carrier can be worn in four different positions – Newborn, Nurture, Explore and Hip Hold – and depending on the age of your baby, you can choose your favourite position. It takes 2 minutes to pop on and wrap baby up as it is so easy to adjust – which is ideal when you have a particularly unhappy baby. The wrap is soft and comfortable to wear and baby sits snuggly and secure in the nurture position. He happily slept in the pouch for his afternoon nap while I got some work done and had a snooze while I did my grocery shopping 🙂  I haven’t really worn Oliver in a forward facing pouch but I didn’t feel particularly comfortable having him face outwards. I kept feeling like he was going to topple forwards and was far too busy bouncing around in front of me! While it worked for a short walk, with no lower back support, at 8.5kgs, I wasn’t able to carry him in that position for very long.  Once he’s a little older, I’m keen to try him in the Hip Hold and see how that works but this position is from 9 months and up.

If you had to ask me what my must-have product for new moms would be, I would absolutely say a baby carrier. Given my experience, I cannot recommend baby wearing enough and a carrier like the SnuggleRoo is ideal. It’s quick, easy and versitile, giving both mom and baby the comfort and confidence to baby wear. The SnuggleRoo is also a very affordable option, retailing at R499 and mom’s can choose from grey, natural or black. You can get your hands on your own SnuggleRoo from Baby City, Toys R Us, Take A Lot and selected Dischem and Macro stores.


As a reader of Boots, SnuggleRoo and I are giving you the opportunity to win your own baby carrier! Simply follow the steps below to enter and cross your fingers 🙂

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15 thoughts on “SnuggleRoo Baby Carrier + GIVEAWAY

  1. As a mom of a prem baby the first time around I totally appreciate a good baby-carrier, but as you say….those 4m of fabric got me worked up in a (nervous!) sweat 🙂 Baby no. 2 is on the way, and this SnuggleRoo is top of my Wish List x

    1. Thanks for entering and good luck Kerry! Definitely had my fair share of nervous sweats! And congratulations on baby #2 – I hope all is going well so far X

  2. I’ve been seriously considering getting something like this for my 7 week old because it is especially tough having to care for a 2 year old simultaneously. I haven’t even been out with both boys because there is no way I can manage with both of them. This post has me convinced that it would make my life so much easier to use a carrier. Thanks for a most informative post!

    1. Thanks for entering and the lovely feedback Shamaa! Definitely makes a big difference having both hands free and juggling two bubas! X

  3. I would really love to win the SnuggleRoo baby carrier for my 1 week old son, I love the fact that it is both a wrap and has built in shoulder straps, something I have never seen in the market before, as u get either of. First of a kind.

    1. Thanks for entering Zama and good luck! And congratulations on your baby boy! Enjoy these precious weeks X

    1. Thanks for entering Simone! Baby wearing is wonderful, isn’t it? And definitely helps with a busy buba! X

  4. I would love to win The SnuggleRoo baby carrier for me, my little baba and daddy to enjoy💗

    1. Thanks for entering and good luck! Love that Daddy would enjoy baby wearing too 🙂

  5. This blogpost is so true and brought me such good laughs, esp the fact that I’ve spent 7 months myself with the same 4m fabric wrapping for my little girl because baby wearing her and running after my 2year old is so much easier. Although it takes up so much time! Thanks for this :)x

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