Dr Dermal Cosmeceuticals

Dr Dermal Cosmeceuticals

Dr Dermal cosmeceuticals range was developed by a group of skincare professionals with the aim of delivering noticeable results after the very first use. This award-winning skincare brand is proudly South African and 100% cruelty free (a BIG tick in my book), with their products focusing on common skin problems such as aging skin but with the understanding that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to skincare. Their diverse range of skincare products are packed with pharmaceutical grade active ingredients to nourish and condition your skin and improve its overall health.

When it comes to skincare products, I am really fussy and very selective about what products I choose to put on my skin. Before I received my products, Dr Dermal asked me to complete a quick survey highlighting my main skincare concerns. These were breakouts, fine lines and pregnancy pigmentation – they then recommended the products which would address my needs. I have been using the Total Rejuvenation Plasma and  IntenCE Antioxidant Plasma for about a month now and I have really enjoyed these products.

Dr Dermal Cosmeceuticals

Total Rejuvenation Plasma

This is definitely my favourite of the two products and I saw the most noticeable difference with it. This is an all-in-one skin serum, primer, blurring shield, eye serum and mattifying agent which provides instant lift by getting to work on those deep, stubborn wrinkles. The serums keratinolytic enzyme helps to exfoliate your pores from within to reduce oiliness, acne and breakouts. The film formers provide instant lift and have a primer effect while the light diffusing nano-spheres give you an instant blur effect, reducing the appearance of fine lines and dark circles (another problem area for me) This milky serum (the plasma is in suspension so it can be distinguished as a clear and milky solution) can be used as both a skin serum and eye serum and absorbs into your skin beautifully. Just 4 or 5 drops of the plasma is more than enough to cover my whole face and the natural glow was almost instantly noticeable. After a few days the dark circles under my eyes were visibly lighter (and this is saying a lot!) I love the primer effect it gives my skin and I apply it morning and evening before I put on my moisturiser. As this serum doesn’t interfere with my other skincare products, I’ve used it as an addition to my current skincare routine.

The Total Rejuvenation Plasma retails for R675.

Dr Dermal Cosmeceuticals

IntenCE Antioxidant Plasma

This treatment really packs a punch, containing  20% pure L-ascorbic acid (bio-available Vitamin C) and is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the market. It’s a heady mix of free-radical scavengers to help your skin boost it’s natural defenses, slow down sun damage and combat pigmentation. Regular, consistent use will also brighten dull tired skin and even out skin tone. L-ascorbic acid is known to be effective against pigmentation by inhibiting the Tyrosinase enzyme which controls the production of melanin. The plasma is dispensed via a pipette (light and air break down vitamin C, making it no longer effective) and 2 drops is all you need. I applied this in the evenings before my moisturiser.  However, the pH of an L-ascorbic acid solution can also irritate sensitive skins and I found this to be the case when I first started using it. I have very sensitive skin so if something may potentially be an irritant, I can almost guarantee I’ll have a reaction. My skin broke out in fine bumps on my neck and cheeks and while they weren’t itchy as such, they were irritating. When I stopped using the plasma for a few days, the rash went away so as a result, I have not been as consistent with using this product. I did like how quickly it absorbed into my skin and didn’t leave an oily residue (despite being an oily texture).

IntenCE Antioxidant Plasma retails for R875 for a 30ml bottle.

No Dr Dermal products are tested on animals and their suppliers are vetted to confirm that none of the raw materials are tested on animals either. Their products also do not contain any animal products or byproducts so they are suitable for vegetarians. Their products are also all free from artificial colourants, artificial fragrance, parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate.

Dr Dermal have recently launched their brand new online store (which includes free shipping!) and it not only looks beautiful but it is incredibly informative. Under each product is a full list of all ingredients used, the key benefits, directions and precautions as well as FAQ’s. I have collaborated with Dr Dermal and as a reader of Boots, you can use the discount code “BIGCITYBOOTS” and receive 5% off your online order! What are you waiting for?? Happy shopping!




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  1. That total rejuvenation plasma sounds amazing. Dark circles under my eyes are definitely something I struggle with, and the wrinkle-denial has gone on long enough 😛 Tx Cat!

    1. Thanks dearest! It is really lovely – and I gave up the wrinkle fight a long time ago 😉 XX

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