Spring is in the Air

Spring is in the Air

Spring is just around the corner and I couldn’t be more excited for the warmer weather and freshness that comes with this season. I always find that come September, I’m really ready to do a huge Spring clean and shed the winter layers. I am generally quite an organised and tidy person but I also have a tenancy to horde – from clothes that ‘I just might wear one day’ to birthday cards, wrapping paper and empty boxes, I can very quickly accumulate a large amount of tidy chaos! The spring bug bit me early this year though and I’ve been on a bit of a mission to organise and sort out a few of the rooms in our house that are in need of some TLC. Now that I’m working from home, having my home office looking just the way I want it is even more important since I’m (meant to be) spending a lot of time in it. After a lovely friend gifted me a beautiful indoor plant for my new home office, I really felt inspired to make my office look pretty. And what a difference having some greenery on my desk makes.

Spring is in the Air

It’s no surprise though as there are a number of benefits to having flowers in your office. Flowers can actually reduce anxiety and negativity and decrease stress. Just the smell of fresh flowers can boost your mood and energy levels making you more productive – and bold, bright colours pack an even bigger punch. Flowers and greenery can also help with concentration levels and get your creative juices flowing which is especially helpful when working from home πŸ™‚ I love working from home but there are definitely a lot more distractions and I find I can easily lose focus! Flowers with large leaves like lilies are the perfect pick for improving your productivity, while light, pale petals are ideal for creating a calm, soothing atmosphere. My beautiful white lily ticks all the boxes for creating a productive, tranquil little blog spot!

Spring is in the Air

I always love having fresh flowers in my home and feel they give a room such warmth and freshness. When it comes to decor, I find they are a quick and easy way to pull a room together and make it look polished – and lift your mood at the same time. Did you know that having fresh flowers in your kitchen or bedroom (or wherever you start your day) can actually help beat the morning blues and leave you feeling relaxed and happy? Definitely worth adding a little prettiness if like me, you are not a morning person!Β 

A bright bouquet of flowers can add a beautiful splash of colour to a room with dark furniture or very little light, while an ombre arrangement can be just what you need to add the finishing touches to your colour theme. I love having a bunch of flowers on my entrance hall table to welcome guests to my home – to me it makes my home feel happy and homely. Our home is furnished with a lot of white and wood so a pretty bunch of flowers adds a lovely contrast and brightens up the room. If I could, every room in our house would be filled with flowers!

Whether you are surprising a loved one or spoiling yourself, flowers are always a good idea and since they offer such great health and wellness benefits, they are definitely worth the splurge! Fabulous Flowers have the most beautiful arrangements to choose from and you’ll find flowers for every occasion – even that perfect petal to brighten up your own home. Josie and her team put so much effort into each and every arrangement, giving it the touch of magic that ensures it delivers everything you want to say without a single word. And if you need a last minute gift or feeling spontaneous, Fabulous Flowers has you covered with their same day delivery (as long as you order before 1pm).

Do you love fresh flowers in your home? What are some of your favourites?


This post is written in collaboration with Fabulous Flowers Florist.

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