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When it comes to baby products (and shopping in general), I’m all about supporting local. When I was shopping for all our baby items, I made a concerted effort to source as many products from local suppliers as possible and I was amazed at just how many there are. There are so many local South African brands now, stocking the most beautiful baby products and together with their product range and quality, are seriously tough competition for any international brand.  And you don’t need to wait months for your package to make it through customs either 🙂

Baby Sense

Baby Sense started off as a small, family owned business in South Africa which has grown into a world-renowned brand. It is one that has become synonymous with superior quality and their ever-growing product range is well researched, providing beautiful and practical items for moms around the world. They first started with the launch of a baby care book, Baby Sense, which became a bestseller. The first book formed the basis for the Sense-series baby care book range and baby products range. When I started looking into sleep training Oliver, I used Meg Faure’s Sleep Sense book as my guide (you can read that post here) and Weaning Sense when I introduced him to solids (I’m still using this book for recipes and ideas). The Baby Sense Taglet was actually one of the first baby items I received when I was pregnant and was Oliver’s favourite item for a long time. I have built up quite a collection of Baby Sense products and they are all items I use every day.

Sleeping Bag: When we transitioned Oliver from his swaddle, we decided to use a sleeping bag to avoid having blankets in his cot and ensure that he stays warm and cozy all night. He is a very messy sleeper and when he puts himself to sleep, he bangs his legs up and down, moving around the cot so having blankets would be a disaster as they would never stay on him and he would be permanently cold! I have both the Summer Sleepy Sac and Winter Sleeping Bag, although I have only used the winter one so far. Both sleeping bags are breathable (they are made from 100% cotton) safe, practical and cozy. They are designed to keep baby at the perfect temperature at night, without the risk of them overheating or getting too cold. There is also more than enough room in the sleeping bag for Oliver to move his legs around and get as messy as he needs to!

Because babies can’t tell you if they are too hot or too cold, I found it quite tricky to know what they should be wearing, especially at night. The sleeping bags come with a guide that helps you to know what to dress your baby in depending on the room temperature so that you don’t need to add blankets over and above the sleeping bag. The optimal room temperature for a baby is about 21˚C / 70˚F and we ended up getting a panel heater for Oliver’s room as it got ridiculously cold, dropping to about 12˚C in the middle of winter. Although his hands get really cold, he’s warm and cozy in his layers and sleeping bag

Baby Sense

Baby Sense Muslin Receiver: I featured this in my Newborn Essentials post as to me it is an absoulte essential –  every parent needs a muslin receiver (or two or three!) I used this one so much that I actually bought a second one. This was my go-to for swaddling as it is 100% cotton and supersized which makes it really easy to use – especially when trying to swaddle your baby is like trying to wrestle an octopus! The open weave and lightweight fabric of muslin allows for natural airflow and helps reduce the risk of your baby overheating, whilst still providing comfort and warmth. The fabric is made of natural fibres and can withstand countless washes, becoming softer and better with age. It’s perfect for covering the pram on hot summer days and comes in handy as a feeding shawl too (it’s size definitely helps) I often used to use this as a cover over Oliver when I was rocking him to sleep to block out stimulation and calm him down. It’s also great to put down for baby to lay on when doing tummy time as it is so lovely and soft.

Baby Sense Taglet Security Blanket: When Oliver was in the NICU, I slept with his Taglet for a night and then put in it in his incubator with him so that he could still smell me when I wasn’t there 🙂 He absolutely loves it and slept with it for months. He now favours his bunny as a soother (he loves to rub it over his face and suck its ear) so we use his taglet to play peek-a-boo 🙂 But it is so soft and silky, it really is the ultimate doodoo! A doodoo is so important for babies and a vital part of their development too as it becomes an object that reassures them when you are not around, provides comfort when they are upset and helps them feel at home in a strange place. Between 8 and 12 months, baby will make their choice and keep it for many years to come (some longer than other 😉 ) and the object will meet baby’s need for love and attention even when you are not actually there.

What are some of your baby’s favourite items? And what’s favourite local baby brand?? I love hearing from other moms so leave your comments below!


Baby Sense and I are giving away a hamper of Oliver’s favourite Baby Sense products, featured in this post, to one lucky reader! Simply follow the steps below to enter and cross your fingers 🙂

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