Summer Soiree’s with a Pretty Petal

Entertaining with flowers

After such a glorious Cape Town weekend and a good dose of Vitamin D, I definitely have a spring in my step and am all sorts of excited about summer! There’s something about that first real taste of summer – everyone seems to emerge from the fog of winter, spirits lifted and ready for long days at the beach and lazy Sunday braais. The summer sunshine really gets me excited about entertaining and filling my home with the noise and laughter of family and friends. I love taking advantage of the outdoors and long warm evenings while enjoying a crisp glass of bubbly or pretty pink G&T! I love to get creative with a pretty table setting and being outdoors is the perfect opportunity to incorporate flowers into the decor. Flowers are the easiest ways to really tie your decor together and they are so incredibly versatile – you can add them to almost anything. I’ve put together a few ideas of how to incorporate flowers into your next summer soiree.

  1. Bunches of flowers:  You don’t need to be extravagant to make an impact – a beautiful bunch of flowers can make your table. Add fresh flowers to your centerpiece for an easy pop of brightness. Stick to one colour or choose varying shades depending on your theme. If I’m going with roses, I like different shades of pinks, oranges and reds but if I choose tulips (my absolute favourite), I usually stick to one colour. You can also add some greenery to your vase to soften your arrangement and fill it out a bit more if it’s looking a little sparse. I also like to put my flowers in pretty jugs instead of vases – a plain white jugs makes your flowers pop and they often don’t need as many flowers to fill 🙂
  2. Go Green: Flowers are pricey and can add up quickly so an great alternative is to use lots of greenery to create a look that’s simple yet chic. Olive leaves, Penny-gum and Eucalyptus make exquisite displays and they last for weeks. You can create a fresh, clean look with clear glass vases and add some pebbles to the bottom to give them some lift. And a tip to keep your foliage fresher for longer – add a tablespoon of bleach to the water. It also helps to keep the water clean which is important if you are using clear vases. Change the water every 3 – 5 days but remember to add the tablespoon of bleach each time. 
  3. Edible Flowers: Have some fun with cocktails or a Gin bar and add some edible flowers to the mix – you’ll definitely have a crowd favourite on your hands! Give your guests the option to add their own floral garnish to their drink of choice or add a few petals to your glasses ahead of time. Rose petals, chamomile or lavender are pretty options for pops of colour.
    Entertaining with flowers
  4. Let Them Eat Cake: I love to bake so very often there’ll be cake on my menu! Add some summer freshness to a simple cake and use flowers as a topper. While you don’t need to make it as extravagant as a wedding cake, Pinterest and Instagram are full of endless ideas to create the perfect look for your party 🙂 When creating a floral topper, keep your arrangement in proportion so don’t get too carried away and keep your flowers slightly smaller than your cake to avoid it being overwhelming – but that being said, it’s your cake and your party, so you can do what you want 🙂 Choose a simple cake stand to really show off your beautiful creation!
  5. Upcycle: Instead of buying lots of new vases, keep all your glass bottles and jars, wash them out and use them for your table decor. Either soak the labels off,  use bottles with labels you can work with or wrap them in pretty paper or ribbon. Use narrow neck bottles to show off a single stem such as lavender, tulips or  or use jars for smaller arrangements – the options are endless and you can mix and match to create different height on your table. And the best part is, you are keeping a little less out of your rubbish bin while creating a beautiful reusable centerpiece for your parties 🙂 

Entertaining with flowers

Whether you are hosting a relaxed Sunday braai, a glamorous cocktail party with friends or dinner with the in-laws, flowers have a place for any occasion. Spring and summer give you endless choice when it comes to adding flowers to your decor – and there’s something in the air that just brings everything to life! Fabulous Flowers have the most magnificent array of flowers to choose from with something fit for any occasion. Their website is also filled with loads of tips and tricks so take a peek to really get you inspired!

What’s your go-to when it comes to entertaining?


This post is written in collaboration with Fabulous Flowers Florist.

Images: Showcasing the gorgeous work of Fabulous Flowers.  Alexandra Golovac and Anita Austvika (Unsplash)


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