Environ #FocusOnFlawlessSA (Part Two)

Environ #FocusOnFlawlessSA

If you’ve been following my #FocusOnFlawlessSA journey so far, then you’ll be wondering where the next update disappeared to since I promised it last week already… It’s been a wild week but here we go. Before we get started, if you missed my first post on Environ’s new Focus Care range, you can read that post here and get yourself caught up. I’m week four into trialing the Focus Care Youth+ Revival Masque and Focus Care Moisture+ Vita-Antioxidant Hydrating Oil Capsules. 


Focus Care Youth+ Revival Masque: This masque is unique in that the consistency is thin and goes on clear so don’t expect a thick, coloured face mask type of texture. It feels lovely and cool when applied, slightly tingly and the texture is silky smooth. I love applying it with the brush and as the jar is a pump action, you don’t end up wasting any product. I left the mask on for 10 minutes (it doesn’t harden when it dries so remember that you have it on!) and when I washed it off my skin felt incredibly soft and smooth. I haven’t used it enough yet to find out if it truly is a “facelift in a jar” but let’s see ๐Ÿ™‚

Environ #FocusOnFlawless

Focus Care Moisture+ Vita-Antioxidant Hydrating Oil Capsules: These potent little capsules pack a burst of Vitamin A to hydrate and enrich the skin. The idea of facial oil does make me nervous as I always think it’s going to make my skin greasy but very often it’s actually the opposite – the more dehydrated your skin the oilier is can be (depending on you skin type) One little pearly capsule is the perfect dose for your skin and my skin soaked it up and after about 5 minutes, I would not have known I had applied an oil. The next morning, my skin still felt really hydrated and soft and looked brighter (which is really saying something first thing in the morning!)

While I have loved the feel of these products and my skin has actually felt lovely and hydrated, it has taken it’s time to adjust to the different ingredients and formulas. After about 10 days of using the products, my skin broke out in really fine spots on my cheeks and forehead. I very seldom get breakouts and usually only as a result of trying something new. The great part about this campaign though is that we were each assigned a Skin Care Therapist from the Environ Skin Care Institute to assist us with any questions or concerns we may have. I popped Marlize an email with my questions and she was beyond helpful and really went out of her way to assist me. She had a few questions of her own, asked me to send her a photo of my skin and got back to me within a day with solutions.

There were two possibilities as to why my skin was breaking out, the first being as a result of the retinal in the Revival Mask or a retinoid reaction from the Hydrating Capsules (the latter being the most likely) As I am still breastfeeding, my hormone levels play a role in how my skin reacts to different products so that also needed to be considered. Here’s what she had to say about the capsules:

The Hydrating oil Capsules are safe to use for 1st time Environ users but as they are active in in some cases one can have a reaction.  This does not mean itโ€™s bad, itโ€™s just your skin Vitamin A levels are quite depleted and the skin must build up Vitamin A receptors.  In this case you must just use the capsules a bit less (not stopping) and the skin can build up receptors over time and it will adapt and you can use it full on again.


Marlize then suggested I get a sample of Environ’s Colostrum Gel to soothe my skin and boost its immunity, use the Hydrating Capsules every 3rd or 4th night as they are potent in their delivery and stop using the Revival Mask until my skin clears. I followed her guidelines and my skin has improved so much in the last week. The Colostrum Gel has been amazing and really calmed my skin down. I tried the mask again since my skin has cleared and so far so good.

Since I have had to reduce the frequency of using the products, I’ll be sharing another update in the next couple of weeks now that my skin has calmed down and seemingly back on track. Stay tuned ๐Ÿ™‚


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