Why Purple Shampoo is a Game Changer

Why Purple Shampoo is a Game Changer

Purple shampoo? Is is really worth all the fuss? Well, it’s not often that I come across a beauty product seriously impresses me. And it’s not often that I see such visible results after the very first use. But, Milk_Shake Silver Shine Shampoo did just that and it’s a real game changer.

I hadn’t heard of Milk_Shake hair care products before but came across this product when I popped in to the salon to have my hair trimmed. Who are Milk_Shake? This Italian-born salon professional hair care brand develop products inspired by nature. They combine the benefits of milk protein and fruit with the brand’s philosophy being a simple one – to use the power and beauty of nature to get amazing looking hair for all occasions. And a BIG plus is that all Milk_Shake products are 100% cruelty free with no third party animal testing authorized either.

Blonde hair is high maintenance and if like me, you tend to stretch your between salon visits, your blonde locks can often take on a brassy, yellow tone. A few factors contribute to brassy hair such as frequent washing, the sun, chlorine, heat styling and hair sprays – and unfortunately the lighter you make your hair, the more likely it is to turn brassy since the process used to lighten hair opens the cuticle, allowing it to be more susceptible to damaging factors that can alter the color. While it is difficult to avoid brassiness, there are ways to minimize the effects and using purple shampoo is one of them.

Why Purple Shampoo is a Game Changer

Purple shampoo is blue or violet in colour and neutralizes yellow tones. Why purple? If you look on a colour wheel, purple is the direct opposite of yellow and the two colours cancel each other out. When you use purple shampoo on brassy, yellow tones, it color corrects your hair’s hue restoring it to its former bright, cooler color. Milk_Shake Silver Shine Shampoo is all about maintaining healthy, shiny blonde hair. The shampoo combines milk protein, vitamin-rich blueberries and violet pigment to brighten and neutralize unwanted yellow tones in blonde or grey hair.

Since becoming a mom, my time is even more precious and so I really stretch my hair as far as I reasonably can before I need to confine myself to the salon chair for three hours. That and a full head of highlights doesn’t come cheap! I struggle to keep the yellow tones out of my hair especially with stretching it as long as I do but also because in summer we are outdoors, in the pool and on the beach so my hair is really exposed to the elements. I’ve tried a few purple shampoos but never really felt that they made a big difference. I decided to give the Milk_Shake shampoo a try and I was honestly blown away by the difference it made to my hair after just one wash. My hair looks like I have a fresh set of highlight (aside from my shocking regrowth!) and is a bright, ash blonde without a hint of yellow. My hair was also super soft, silky and smelt deliciously fresh after using it. My stylist had said to me that the key to seeing results is to use once a week (use regular shampoo in between – I’m currently using Schwarzkopf Gliss) and leave in for 2 – 3 minutes before rinsing. But be careful of leaving it in too long or using too frequently especially if your hair is very porous or has a more icy blonde tone as you will end up with a blue/purple tinge to it. If you wash your hair every day, then use it once a week but if you only wash your hair twice a week, rather use purple shampoo every other week.

Why Purple Shampoo is a Game Changer
I realised I never took a before photo but here is my hair after one wash XXX

While purple shampoo isn’t going to suddenly give you a hair colour you’ve never had, it does work really well to help prolong your current hair colour. Some people will have better results than others depending on their hair type – thick, coarse hair won’t see as much of a difference as super-fine baby hair (like mine) that’s more susceptible to tone changing. But of all the purple shampoos I have tried, this one is by far my favourite and would be top of my list of recommendations. As a salon professional product, you can only purchase it from certain retailers and sells for around R260 for a 300ml bottle.

Have you tried purple shampoo before? What is your favourite brand?


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  1. Thanks for sharing this with me last week friend…. I actually bought a purple shampoo last week from Dischem… (Lee Stafford) not the one I usually use unfortunately as it was out of stock at dischem and clicks . I will definitely try this one next time I need some more👱‍♀️

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