Oliver’s Bookshelf

Oliver's Bookshelf

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, then you’ll know just how much I love reading. Our mornings start slow with Oliver having his bottle in bed with us and while we have our coffee, one of us reads him a book. He always gets to choose his morning story and sometimes it’s even two or three! We wind down for bedtime with another story or two and I just love cuddling up together creating magical memories of bedtime stories. These are some of my favourite memories from my childhood and there are some stories I still know by heart. Oliver definitely enjoys books and while he’s still too young to read, I often find him quietly sitting in his room paging through his books – after he’s unpacked the whole bookshelf! I share my bookshelf favourites on a regular basis but I thought today, I would share some of Oliver’s favourites.

Steam Train, Dream Train:The well cars carry giant beasts, munching on enormous feasts...”

This book is pure magic that makes for the happiest of bedtimes and sweetest of dreams. It is one of Oliver’s absolute favourites and almost always his first choice for a bedtime story. I know this one by heart and I adore the rhythmic, rhyming as the story unfolds. This book is so beautifully created as each train car is packed and loaded by polar bears, elephants and kangaroos, who work and dance the night away. The illustrations are truly magnificent and Oliver loves pointing out the different animals as we read. This is a must have on every child’s bookshelf!

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site: “Down in the big construction site, the tough trucks work with all their might…”

This book is another firm favourite and by the same authors who created Steam Train, Dream Train. As the sun sets on the construction site, the big trucks all get ready to say goodnight. One-by-one they’ll go to bed, to yawn and rest their sleepy heads… The gentle rhyming and beautiful illustrations create the perfect ending to a busy day – we are both ready to close our eyes by the time we turn the last page! Both books are also hardcover which makes it so much easier to read and for little hands to hold.

Goodnight Moon – Margaret Wise Brown : Goodnight light and the red balloon. Goodnight bears, goodnight chairs.

I don’t think any child’s bookshelf is complete without a copy of Goodnight moon! This is a real classic and has been around since 1947 – and with its beautiful, quiet poetry and the gentle, lulling illustrations of a little bunny saying goodnight to his room, it’s easy to see why. It is the perfect book to end the day as one-by-one, all the objects in the room are wished goodnight.

Guess How Much I Love You – Sam McBratney: I love you right up to the moon – and back.

I don’t think there are many people who don’t know this book and I probably love it more than Oliver but it is just the most heartwarming story with the most beautiful illustrations. This book also reminds me of my Granny as she would always say “I love you to the moon and back, my darling” so this one really gives me all the feels. I read this so often when Oliver was a newborn and I loved knowing that he was going to sleep filled with the sweetest of dreams, knowing how much he was loved. Love it such a difficult thing to measure or explain but I love how the Nutbrown Hare’s find a way to explain it in simple terms – and that no matter how hard you try, you’ll only ever love your parents half as much as they love you 😉 (Another firm favourite from this series of books is ‘You’re all my Favourites” – just the sweetest, most heartwarming story!)

Never Touch a Monster! / Never Touch a Dinosaur!

This is such a cute and fun-themed touch and feel books and one of Oliver’s favourites. I find tactile books great for keeping him entertained on his own and he’ll spend a while paging through these books, exploring the different textures. Each page has a different silicone texture for little ones to rub their fingers over and the fun, enchanting rhyming words make for a very sweet story.

Tales from Acorn Wood – Julia Donaldson: Bear is writing letters. One, two, three. Bear goes out to post them. Who lives in this tree?

We have three of the four books in this series – Hide and Seek Pig, Postman Bear and Rabbit’s Nap. Lift-flap books are an absolute winner in our household and if I had to pick a book to keep Oliver busy for 10 minutes, it would definitely be one where he can lift the flaps! These stories are all very sweet and they all rhyme as well (you might have noticed a trend by now!) As Oliver has gotten older, he has become a lot more engaged and excited about his books and I find he’s more engaged when we read a story that rhymes. He also now waits for me to finish reading the sentence or ask the question before he lifts the flaps and gets so excited when he sees what is behind the flap. It makes reading so much fun for both of us.

Do your little people love to read? Share your favourite books below!


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