Review: Bioderma’s Pigmentbio

Bioderma Pigmentbio

My skin concerns have always been around breakouts and sensitivity. Pigmentation was something I never gave a second thought to until I fell pregnant. Even then, I didn’t really take much notice of it until the day after I had given birth – and then I wondered what on earth had happened to my forehead! The hormones did a number on my skin and nearly two years later, I’m still trying to manage it.

When I was asked to take part in a two-month trial for Bioderma’s new Pigmentbio range, I was slightly hesitant. I had never used Bioderma before and I don’t like to chop and change my skincare products. But given the chronic situation on my forehead, I was more than willing to give it a try! I have decided not to do any medical pigmentation treatments (like peels or Dermapen) for now as if I do fall pregnant again, there’s a good chance I’ll be back to square one.

Pigmentation is caused by a number of factors such as the suns rays (specifically UVA), pollution, ageing, pregnancy, or irritation. Over time, the skin accumulates dark patches and uneven skin tone. Bioderma’s Pigmentbio range has been inspired by leading treatment in dermatology. They have developed a comprehensive routine for sensitive skin wanting to combat pigmentation problems effectively. Their LumiReveal™ Technology focuses on reducing dark spots, preventing new ones from appearing and restoring the skin’s original brightness – lastingly. Its unique balance between efficacy and tolerance ensures immediate and long lasting results, while respecting skin sensitivity. You can use Pigmentbio in between between dermatological depigmenting treatments or own as a complete skin-care treatment for hyper-pigmentation like I have.

Bioderma Pigmentbio

Pigmentbio Foaming Cream: This is hands-down my favourite product in the range. The foaming cream is a brightening cleanser that promotes the disappearance of dark spots and keeps them from reappearing. It has tiny micro-beads in the cream which gently exfoliate the skin, remove impurities and smooth complexion while you cleanse. The moisturising ingredients leave your skin feeling silky smooth and soft. What I also love about this product is that you can also use it as a mask once or twice a week for a more intensive treatment. A 200ml tube retails for R200.

Bioderma Pigmentbio

Pigmentbio Daily Care SPF50: To be completely honest, I really did not like this moisturiser. It smells like sunscreen and the consistency is quite thick so it leaves a white film on your skin after application. I also didn’t find it to be that hydrating. What I did like though was having SPF50 in my daily moisturiser! That for me is a BIG plus and an essential in preventing dark spots from forming. The Daily Care SPF50 protects the skin with it’s UVA/UVB sun protection and corrects uneven skin tone by correcting existing dark spots and prevents new ones from appearing. The pearly texture should provide an instant glow but I found it to leave more of a residue than provide a glow but in saying that, it does provide a really nice base to apply your make-up. The cream is enriched with a cocktail of vitamins that feed your skin, boost the brightening action and protect the skin barrier. The 40ml tube retails for around R340.

Bioderma Pigmentbio

Pigmentbio Night Renewer: I have loved this night cream and I was so sad when my pot was finished! As night is the best time for skin repair, the Pigmentbio Night Renewer boosts cell renewal and collagen production resulting in plump, bright skin in the morning. It contains LumiReveal™ Technology which corrects dark spots and help reduce melanin production, helping to prevent new spots forming. This night cream also improves skin firmness and smooths fine lines – all areas I can use a little help with 🙂 I love the texture of this too – it is silky smooth, lightweight and has a fresh, almost watery feel to it. I found it to be incredibly hydrating and my skin felt soft and nourish when I woke up in the morning. This is a night cream I would happily repurchase! It retails for R380 for a 40ml tub.

My final thoughts? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this two month trial of Bioderma’s Pigmentbio and have definitely noticed a big improvement in the pigmentation on my forehead. I have a small patch on my top lip that at hasn’t improved at all but I think that might be more because of the location – it’s far easier to give your forehead a good scrub! If you are struggling with pigmentation, this range is well worth a try.


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