My #RationFriendly Recipe with Fair Cape Dairies

#RationFriendly Recipe with Fair Cape Dairies

I can’t quite believe that it’s been 9 months since I last wrote a blog post (more on that to come) but find it even harder to believe that we are entering day 73 of Lockdown. I think all of us can agree that 2020 hasn’t quite panned out the way we expected when we woke on 1 January but despite the incredible hardships that Lockdown has brought, I do still try find the silver linings – sometimes they are small and you need to look really closely but they are there, shimmering on of the edge of the storm clouds.

One thing I have found myself doing a lot of (besides the never ending cleaning) is cooking and coming up with something different every night of the week is no easy feat. So when Kirsten from the Bird and the Beard challenged me to create my own #RationFriendly Lockdown recipe using pantry staples along with Fair Cape Dairies, I was all for it! We eat a lot of pasta in our house and it is most definitely one of my weaknesses. Under normal circumstances I try to limit our pasta meals to once or twice a week but during Lockdown, we’ve been eating a whole lot more of it since it’s easy and there is nothing more comforting than a steaming bowl of delicious pasta on a cold, wintry night.

I found this Quick and Easy Creamy Mushroom Pasta recipe that my mom used to make and it’s one I haven’t made in years but is absolutely delicious, indulgent and super simple to make – and it uses a handful of ingredients that I usually always have on hand.


  • 1 tin mushroom soup
  • 1 packet of pasta
  • 1 punnet of mushrooms
  • 1 onion
  • 3 heaped tablespoons of Fair Cape Full Cream Plain Yoghurt
  • Salt, pepper and herbs of your choice (I use rosemary and origanium)
  • You’ll see I also added baby marrows – I don’t usually add any other veg but these were in the fridge and need to be used and turned out to be a great addition.


  1. Fry onions and mushrooms until soft and slightly caramelized.
  2. Add mushroom soup, salt, pepper and herbs – stir to combine
  3. Cook pasta according to packet instructions
  4. Stir in Fair Cape Full Cream Yoghurt
  5. Drain pasta and combine with sauce and serve!
#RationFriendly Recipe with Fair Cape Dairies

I’ve challenged my friend, Jade from Eat by Jade to come up with her #RationFriendly recipe using pantry staples (and Fair Cape Dairies of course) Be sure to keep an eye on her Instagram for her recipe! Fair Cape Dairies will be compiling all the recipes into an online recipe book on Fair Cape’s blog to create a ‘time capsule’ to mark the extraordinary times that we are living through.

If you try this one a try, be sure to tag me on social media if you do – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Happy cooking 🙂


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